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Carter H
5 Stars
Nov 15th, 2015
Stef is the best! So lucky to have her on my team! Could not be where I am without her! I have been so blessed to have her!
Steve S
5 Stars
Aug 19th, 2015
Stef was fantastic! My son is Canadian looking to get into a good U.S. design school. Stef gave me some great ideas and some resources to help him have the best chance of success. Great work, Stef, and thank you.
Connor R
5 Stars
Jul 2nd, 2015
Stef is a very fun, yet professional woman who knows the ins and outs of applying to college. I wasn't sure what I wanted or how to do much of anything regarding college applications before Stef's guidance. I highly recommend Stef for anyone considering her services.
Michele A
5 Stars
Jun 29th, 2015
I have so many positive things to say about Stef, but I have no room to say it all, so I will I just use one word MONEY! Stef will be the 1st to tell you that she does not deal with anything financial, however with her expertise the colleges want your child. We not only obtained acceptance letters, but scholarship money as well. My only regret is that we did not use Stef all four years of High School, but I can say we will use her when he goes to Graduate School! Thank you Stef!!!
5 Stars
Posted on amazon
Jun 28th, 2015
A Wonderful System

Stef was an invaluable asset to me during my college decision process. I did not use Stef when applying for colleges, but rather for help with interview and overall resume prep, as I was competing for a scholarship at Emory University. The scholarship selection process involved various interviews, a resume analysis, meetings with professors and academic advisors at the school, and lunches and dinners with previous successful scholarship applicants.

Stef critiqued and refined my resume and helped me develop my ‘elevator pitch’ , a concept I had never even heard of before my sessions with Stef. She conducted mock interviews with me to assess my interview preparedness. Each session, she assessed my progress on a scale that many top institutions use to asses their applicants. After each session I was emailed an interview report to highlight what I needed to work on. By the time I was done, I knew what topics to discuss and to avoid, which aspects of myself I could discuss as strengths, and the best way to put a positive spin on my weaknesses. She outlined what the interview process would most likely be like, and she was spot on. Thanks to her I was able to prepare myself and walk into the interviews with confidence and poise. I felt I had an edge over the majority of other applicants because I knew exactly what to expect and was entirely prepared. Our work together paid off, and I received a full scholarship to Emory.

I trust her system wholeheartedly, and I recommend her to any of my peers that come to me asking for college prep advice.

-Rebecca, Emory University
Kristen D
5 Stars
Posted on amazon
May 15th, 2015
Thrilled with the process and results!

As the parent of a first-time college applicant, the entire process was completely overwhelming. We had a general idea of what we were expected to do, however, upon looking back I realize how inadequately prepared we were. Being able to pinpoint how to stand out among the other applicants, having a guide to meeting deadlines, deciphering what is most important; these are the areas we found the answers to. A personalized activity schedule made all the difference by keeping us and our child on target throughout the process. Personally, I can't imagine having done this without the aid of Stef Mauler's guide and wisdom. Our son is on his way to his top choice school, and we are thrilled! In my opinion, the Complete Candiate is an invaluable tool to navigating this process. I promise, you will not regret investing in this program as it truly does make all the difference.
5 Stars
Posted on amazon
May 12th, 2015
This system incorporates a wide variety of tools to help students find the best possible fit with the college of their choice,

What an impressive and unique resource! This system incorporates a wide variety of tools to help students find the best possible fit with the college of their choice. It also provides them with invaluable information that they need to achieve the highest level of success while undergoing the college application process. As an educator and parent, I would highly recommend this product.
Dr. K
5 Stars
Posted on amazon
May 5th, 2015
This is the best investment you can make to secure your child's future! Stef Mauler is THE EXPERT in guiding you and your child through the mysteries of college applications. She has an impressive educational background, years of experience and has developed an incredible system to get you to the top colleges. Stef knows what the best colleges are looking for! But do not wait until the last year of high school to get this wonderful product. Ideally, you should start to build your college "resume" as early as Grade 9 and this package will give you all the do's and don'ts from the beginning of high school to the application submissions in your final year. If you seriously follow this guide, you will have your choice of college acceptances.This is, by far, the most informative and comprehensive tool on the market. Hiring a college admission coach will cost you thousands of dollars and you will not get what this tool provides. For an additional reasonable fee, if you like, Stef will review your applications and provide
If you are still not convinced, have a good look at Stef Mauler's website, I am purchasing several packages for my grandchildren. The Complete Candidate will provide a much greater return than buying stocks or bonds for them.
Jacquelynn M
5 Stars
Posted on amazon
May 4th, 2015
Best money we've spent,
The Complete Candidate by Stef Mauler is one of the most comprehensive, straightforward college application programs available. We have had 2 of our sons work with Stef in person and were impressed with both the thoroughness and personal application in every step of the process.

More than just an application guide, The Complete Candidate process begins as early as your child's freshman year of high school (or at any point thereafter). There are guidelines for academic, athletic and extracurricular activities to ensure a well-rounded applicant. The most significant aspect of working with Stef was her guidance and ability in helping each of our sons learn and then understand their strengths and learning styles. The question of, "where can I go to college?" transitioned to a pointed search for the colleges best suited for each child. Each of our sons has gained confidence in themselves and conviction in their ability to take this next step.

Teachers and administrators have expressed their gratitude for the comprehensive recommendation packets presented to them and have requested more information on Stef and her program. In seeking the best fit for each student, Stef (and The Complete Candidate) researches and opens doors to many colleges our sons would have not otherwise considered. Business Insider's recent article, "The 25 Most Underrated Colleges In America" affirms what Stef espouses -- finding the right fit for your student often means looking beyond "big names" and when those connections are made, individual success and college success go hand-in-hand.

This has been the best money we have spent in guiding our sons in their college search and application process.

- Jacquelynn M, Miami University
Mike D
5 Stars
Posted on amazon
Apr 29th, 2015
Stef's system empowers students and helps them achieve their dreams!
Stef's system really does help create "The Complete Candidate". The program guides students and families through the maze that is today's college application process. It creates a detailed plan with specific tasks that help identify the right colleges and how to complete the application essays effectively. However, "The Complete Candidate" is much more than how to fill out an application and write an essay. Stef helps the student create a comprehensive plan for their high school years, not just academically, but also participating in the right extracurricular, volunteer and social activities. Most importantly though, she helps the student understand who he/she is, what interests he/she has, and what a college can do for him/her. This turns the table from "where can I get in" to "what colleges meet my needs!" The confidence and empowerment resulting from this change in paradigm not only comes across in the student's meetings and interviews with college admissions, but in the student's every day life. My son, who is not top 10% in his high school class, was accepted at all of the Colleges he applied including the School of Engineering at Cornell University, where he will be attending this fall. Stef's guidance, counseling and direction helped make his dream come true!

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