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Senior Year Timeline
Congratulations! You are a senior! High school will soon be a distant memory as you embark on the next phase toward college. The problem is, there is still a lot of work to be done. Here is your timeline for Senior Year

Junior Year Time Line
Junior year is the last full academic year that colleges will see so it’s important to put your best effort in now. Take caution, though. Junior year is likely the most difficult year you will face.

10 Things Juniors Should Do Now To Prepare for College
In order to make this process smooth, successful and as stress-free as possible, it is important to get started now. Remember, the more work you do now, the more you will be able to enjoy all that senior year has to offer.

Congratulations on Getting Accepted to Your Early Decision College: Now What?
If you are like increasing numbers of college applicants, you decided to apply to your top choice college under a binding, early decision agreement. If you were accepted during the early decision round, that’s where you will be next fall.

Stef’s Top 5 Resume Tips
Once you have thought about your elevator pitch, building a resume is your next step. Although your college of choice may not require a formal resume, I encourage you to start working on one.

Top 5 Tips for Juniors / Seniors
Realizing that you may be feeling inundated with opinions, instructions, demands, assessments, and requirements right about now, I synthesized this Top 5 tips list for you

Top 5 Tips for Aspiring College Athletes
or some students, playing college sports is a lifetime dream. Identifying appropriate colleges is the most important factor in the recruiting process.

Recommendations are Highly Recommended: PART 2
If you think of teacher and counselor recommendations as being outside your control, you are missing a BIG opportunity.

Recommendations are Highly Recommended: PART 1
Two teacher recommendations are requested by most colleges, in addition to one from your high school counselor. The purpose of these recommendations is to learn more about you beyond your transcript and board scores.

Common App Essay Questions Revealed
he Common App has released the revised essay questions for the 2017-2018 application cycle. It’s all good news for you. Some of last year’s questions are getting a slight makeover; but the changes offer you more flexibility in answering them.

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