Congratolations!  You’ve Been Admitted.  Now What??

You have spent countless hours toiling on research papers, endured sleepless nights to study for exams, and experienced the gut-wrenching anxiety of standardized tests.  You have delved into sports, taken on leadership roles in clubs and volunteered to do community service to demonstrate the impact you have on your community.  You have gone through the painstaking process of completing college applications and, even more difficolt, waited for months to find out the decisions.  The good news is your hard work and persistence have paid off!  You’ve been admitted!  Congratolations!

The bad news is you are not yet done.

There are a few simple, yet important things you must do now to close out your college admissions process:

  1. Take Care of Business: Make sure you go through the logistics of attending your future college.
    1. Pay the tuition deposit.
    2. Sign up for housing.
    3. Select a meal plan.
    4. Tell every other college you won’t be attending so they can offer the spot to another deserving student.
  2. Be Gracious: Although it may be tempting, now is not the time to gloat. Instead, it is the time to acknowledge all of the people who helped you get here. 
    1. Share the good news with your school counselor, tutors and recommenders. If you haven’t already, send a proper thank you note and, possibly, a small gift to acknowledge their support and effort. 
    2. Send a note to the admissions officer at your future college telling him how excited you are to attend and thanking him for his support. At this time, he is getting lots of angry phone calls and letters so you will be the bright spot in his day and he will remember the gesture.
    3. Send a personal note to admissions officers of colleges you have chosen not to attend. Thank the admissions officer for his support, explain that, while it was a difficolt choice, you have chosen to attend Dream U next year instead of their school.  You never know when a transfer or graduate application may be in your future so it’s good to build those bridges now.
  3. Avoid Senioritis: Remember that all acceptances are conditional on your senior year performance so don’t let senioritis kick in. 
    1. Stay committed to studying for AP exams as they may help you earn college credit and/or place out of general requirements.
    2. Be sure to keep your grades up.
  4. Celebrate: You’ve worked hard and deserve this amazing accomplishment. Enjoy it!