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From Stef’s Desk: Information Generation
Oftentimes, my clients have the BEST ideas! This tech savvy generation has so much information at their fingertips, and they are constantly teaching me new tricks.

From Stef’s Desk: Confidentially Speaking
Can you keep a secret? Well, most people can’t. Even if they promise they will. Your college target list and application details are your personal information, and I don’t believe they should be shared with your friends or classmates.

From Stef’s Desk: Why Fareed is Right
Have you followed CNN host and author Fareed Zakaria’s current publicity tour for his new book, In Defense of a Liberal Education? With all of the focus on STEM degrees and career preparedness

From Stef’s Desk: Why I Wrote The Complete Candidate
Puzzles fascinate me. As do mysteries. I was always drawn to games like Clue and those brain teaser riddles whereby you are given clues and have to figure out how the scenario transpired.

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