Frequently Asked Questions

Can you guarantee admission to a particular school?

When should I start working with you?

I’m not sure how much college coaching support I will need.  If I attend the workshop, can I still get additional help?

I go to a really good school with a strong guidance department.  Do I really need a private college coach?

I’ve made some dumb mistakes that I know will impact my chances of getting accepted to a highly selective school.  Should I just forget about college and get a job?

I’m a good student but not likely to get into a highly selective school.  Will you work with me?

Will you write my essays?

Should I visit schools before or after I apply?

Private college coaches seem to be so expensive.  Can I really afford to hire one with so many other college expenses on the horizon?

Can Stef come to my school, church or organization to speak to our group?