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Comment Very Practical, Easy to Follow Advice For Completing an Effective Common Application.

The Complete Candidate system really helped me to understand the application process and get organized. It’s based on the idea that the college application is like a jigsaw puzzle with your face on the front of the puzzle. It then teaches you how to use each application component or “puzzle piece” (ie. activity list, essays, recommendations, etc.) so that they work together to show your complete “puzzle picture.” I really appreciated how it breaks the application down into a series of steps with actionable advice and examples. For instance, in the essay section, the workbook goes beyond just giving examples of successful essays. It explains what each question is really asking, where applicants go wrong in answering and even tells you how much of each essay should concentrate on which part of the question (for instance 10% on X, 55% on Y) – and also gives examples. The interview section not only gives examples of interview questions but also an example of what an interview assessment form looks like so you know how interviewers are rating you. Also, if you contact the company, they will review your finished application and will give you feedback for an additional fee.
Overall Rating 5 Stars

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