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Comment Stef's system empowers students and helps them achieve their dreams!
Stef's system really does help create "The Complete Candidate". The program guides students and families through the maze that is today's college application process. It creates a detailed plan with specific tasks that help identify the right colleges and how to complete the application essays effectively. However, "The Complete Candidate" is much more than how to fill out an application and write an essay. Stef helps the student create a comprehensive plan for their high school years, not just academically, but also participating in the right extracurricular, volunteer and social activities. Most importantly though, she helps the student understand who he/she is, what interests he/she has, and what a college can do for him/her. This turns the table from "where can I get in" to "what colleges meet my needs!" The confidence and empowerment resulting from this change in paradigm not only comes across in the student's meetings and interviews with college admissions, but in the student's every day life. My son, who is not top 10% in his high school class, was accepted at all of the Colleges he applied including the School of Engineering at Cornell University, where he will be attending this fall. Stef's guidance, counseling and direction helped make his dream come true!
Overall Rating 5 Stars

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