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Comment This System is the Best!

The Complete Candidate system by Stef Mauler is fantastic in every way. Stef works with both undergraduate and post-grad applicants and has many years of quality experience in the world of college admissions. I completed her program in-person with her, knowing I wanted to pursue an MBA but initially feeling 'lost' in a sea of business school options and essay questions. From Day 1, Stef put me at ease and helped me to personalize my admissions strategy. Stef is extremely knowledgable and experienced in the applications process and she goes above and beyond to show that she truly cares about her candidates. I am thrilled that this Complete Candidate Program is available through Amazon because everyone that is applying to a selective academic program needs a Stef Mauler in their life! This package will most likely be one of your best and most valued college application purchases. (To put it in business terms, the ROI is phenomenal)
Some detail on the elements of the system:
The templates, examples and exercises were helpful in getting me from the start of the applications process to the finish. I love that this also includes deadline-tracking, which is vital when you are applying to multiple programs with different due dates. The Unique Value Proposition piece of the process enabled me to craft my essays around a central theme that represents who I am, my experiences and my passions.
Everyone that wrote recommendation letters for me gave me lots of compliments on the Recommender Packet that I sent each of them ahead of time that made it easy for them to write compelling anecdotes about me. This was all thanks to Stef's program and guidance.
This program gave me a better understanding of my Individual Learning Style and I was able to search for corresponding schools that best suit similar learning styles to mine - this is such a unique and educated approach to the applications process and is one of the many reasons I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to set themselves apart in the undergrad or post-grad application process.

If you're applying to an Ivy League university or even looking to maximize your scholarship potential at any program you are applying to, this program is a must-have. Buy it (and thank me later)!
Overall Rating 5 Stars

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