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Comment Thrilled with the process and results!

As the parent of a first-time college applicant, the entire process was completely overwhelming. We had a general idea of what we were expected to do, however, upon looking back I realize how inadequately prepared we were. Being able to pinpoint how to stand out among the other applicants, having a guide to meeting deadlines, deciphering what is most important; these are the areas we found the answers to. A personalized activity schedule made all the difference by keeping us and our child on target throughout the process. Personally, I can't imagine having done this without the aid of Stef Mauler's guide and wisdom. Our son is on his way to his top choice school, and we are thrilled! In my opinion, the Complete Candiate is an invaluable tool to navigating this process. I promise, you will not regret investing in this program as it truly does make all the difference.
Overall Rating 5 Stars

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