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Comment A Wonderful System

Stef was an invaluable asset to me during my college decision process. I did not use Stef when applying for colleges, but rather for help with interview and overall resume prep, as I was competing for a scholarship at Emory University. The scholarship selection process involved various interviews, a resume analysis, meetings with professors and academic advisors at the school, and lunches and dinners with previous successful scholarship applicants.

Stef critiqued and refined my resume and helped me develop my ‘elevator pitch’ , a concept I had never even heard of before my sessions with Stef. She conducted mock interviews with me to assess my interview preparedness. Each session, she assessed my progress on a scale that many top institutions use to asses their applicants. After each session I was emailed an interview report to highlight what I needed to work on. By the time I was done, I knew what topics to discuss and to avoid, which aspects of myself I could discuss as strengths, and the best way to put a positive spin on my weaknesses. She outlined what the interview process would most likely be like, and she was spot on. Thanks to her I was able to prepare myself and walk into the interviews with confidence and poise. I felt I had an edge over the majority of other applicants because I knew exactly what to expect and was entirely prepared. Our work together paid off, and I received a full scholarship to Emory.

I trust her system wholeheartedly, and I recommend her to any of my peers that come to me asking for college prep advice.

-Rebecca, Emory University
Overall Rating 5 Stars

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