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Wouldn’t You Be Thankful for Completed Applications?

Yes, Thanksgiving is about food, family and football. But, it’s also the last big chunk of time you are likely to have to complete your college applications before December deadlines hit. If you still have applications left to do (or,...
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Ivy League Badges

What is the Ivy League?

For many students, gaining admission to an “Ivy League” school is the pinnacle of academic accomplishment. With some of the lowest acceptance rates in the country (ranging from 3% – 9%)*, Ivy League schools maintain the ability to select and...
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Hurry Up And Wait

Hurry Up… And Wait

So, you’ve spent the last few months frantically working to meet your college deadlines. You’ve done draft after draft of “Why do you want to go to Dream U?”, politely nagged your teachers to send in recommendations, camped out in...
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The Why Paragraph

Why the Why Paragraph Is So Important

A “Why” paragraph states, specifically, why you believe a particular school is a great fit for you and why you are a great fit for it. It can include any number of attributes including academics, social activities, religious affiliation, teaching...
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How To Get Honest Answers From College Admissions Staff

How to Get Honest Answers from College Admissions Staff

As we get into the season of college fairs and campus visits, you will undoubtedly come across your fair share of college admissions officers. Remember that these people are not just arbiters of who does and does not get the...
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5 Things To Notice During Your Campus Visit

5 Things to Notice During Your Campus Visit

There is no singular activity that can tell you more about a college than a campus visit.  Websites, mailers and, even visits from admissions officers are all marketing materials.  Their collective goal is to convince you to apply.  There is...
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Portrait Of A Thoughtful Woman In Straw Hat Standing In Front Of Chalkboard With Question Marks

10 Questions to Ask Your College Tour Guide

As we enter the final months of the school year, many families are looking to their spring break holidays as an opportunity to explore college campuses. While the information session, usually led by an admissions officer, can offer valuable information...
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Puzzled Young Woman Suffering From Headache

Tick, Tock… It’s the Final Countdown for College

College admissions deadlines are just weeks away! Are you ready? If the answer is “no,” don’t melt down. Breathe. Step back and break down what colleges really want to see in your application. You’ve probably thought anxiously about what it...
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Tax Day Red Push Pin On Calendar

Thanksgiving Is for Family, Food, Football… And College Applications

With college deadlines just around the corner, it is time to kick it into high gear! Don’t tire out on turkey. Use the Thanksgiving holiday to finish up your college applications. Even if you haven’t started your applications, there is...
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Thoughtful Student Writting An Essay

Undeclared No More

To all college-bound Juniors and Seniors: Deciding on your college major is a big decision. This decision takes not only time, but it requires you to be honest with yourself. Think about your passions and what excites you. You know...
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