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Hurry Up And Wait
November 26th, 2018: Now that you have spent the last few months on too much coffee and not enough sleep as you try feverishly to submit your college applications by the early deadlines all you can do now is WAIT. Here is when you are likely to hear back.

Wouldn’t You Be Thankful for Completed Applications?
November 12th, 2018: Yes, Thanksgiving is about food, family and football. But, it’s also the last big chunk of time you are likely to have to complete your college applications before December deadlines hit.

The Why Paragraph: Why So Many Get it Wrong
June 11th, 2018: In my opinion, the Why Paragraph is the most straightforward (and useful) supplemental essay to write in the college application process. However, it is also the supplement that most students seem to get wrong.

Why The Why Paragraph Is So Important
May 29th, 2018: A “Why” paragraph states, specifically, why you believe a particular school is a great fit for you and why you are a great fit for it. It can include any number of attributes including academics, social activities, religious affiliation, teaching

How to Get Honest Answers from College Admissions Staff
March 19th, 2018: How to Get Honest Answers from College Admissions Staff As we get into the season of college fairs and campus visits, you will undoubtedly come across your fair share of college admissions officers. Remember that these people are not just arbiters of who

5 Things to Notice During Your Campus Visit
March 5th, 2018: There is no singular activity that can tell you more about a college than a campus visit. Websites, mailers and, even visits from admissions officers are all marketing materials. Their collective goal is to convince you to apply.

10 Questions to Ask Your College Tour Guide
February 13th, 2018: As we enter the final months of the school year, many families are looking to their spring break holidays as an opportunity to explore college campuses. While the information session, usually led by an admissions officer

Application Deadlines - Tick Tock | The Complete Candidate
November 27th, 2017: With deadlines quickly approaching, hear what colleges are really looking for from The Complete Candidate™.

Thanksgiving Is for Family, Food, Football … and College Applications | The Complete Candidate
November 22nd, 2017: The Mauler Institute has made an easy to follow schedule that’ll help you navigate the college admissions puzzle while still giving you ample time to enjoy family, food and football.

Undeclared No More
November 7th, 2017: Deciding on your college major is a big decision. This decision takes not only time, but it requires you to be honest with yourself.

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