Adventurous YOU!

adventurous youA student recently asked me how she should approach making new friends when she goes off to college.  In my role as an independent educational consultant, I don’t consider my work complete when clients get their acceptance letters.  I spend a good amount of time working with my students to develop a successful transition plan, both academic and social.

First, remember that all entering freshmen are in the same boat.  Most students are living away from home for the first time, developing a new campus home, and attempting to make friends.  I firmly believe that in order to have good friends, you must first BE a good friend.  That’s a great motto to live by.

Second, look for an outdoor adventure club. Even if you don’t consider yourself particularly “outdoorsy”, indulge me here!  These outdoor clubs tend to appeal to down-to-earth kids who are interested in exploring and being active.  Outdoor Adventure types are typically more adept at putting their phones and laptops away in order to talk and establish a foundation for friendship.  There is no better way to get acquainted with someone than hiking for hours or repelling off the side of a mountain.  Grab your backpack, water bottle and get going!