Show You’re Interested

show youre interestedAnything you can do to separate yourself from the pack of college applicants will work to your advantage. One area that many prospective college students overlook is Demonstrated Interest. How will your target schools know you are interested in attending their school? If their first introduction to you is via the arrival of your common application in their admissions inbox, you have missed a wonderful opportunity to stand out among the others. It is important here to note that some schools do not consider demonstrated interest a factor during admissions (Harvard –no, Wake Forest – yes). So your first order of business is to determine which schools on your list do consider it a factor.

Just like anyone at a party, the college wants to be liked. And, schools tend to like students who like them back. Strategically, a student who takes the time to demonstrate interest is more likely to attend the college if offered a spot. This acceptance will help the college’s yield which will help it climb in the rankings. Aside from the rankings, colleges want students who are a good ‘fit” and who are more likely to graduate from the school rather than transfer elsewhere. A student who has done the research, has demonstrated interest in the school, is more likely to know if they are a good fit.
I’ve mentioned in previous blogs to veer from your path and visit as many college campuses as possible during your middle school and high school years. If you are on campus during regular hours, stop at the admission office, introduce yourself and request a brochure. If they have a sign-in list, by all means register. Inquire about campus tours and information sessions, and schedule one! If they offer an interview, take it. If they send you an email, open it and click on the link. Follow them on social media, email the admissions officer to provide updates. Some schools will actually give you an “LTA” score – likelihood to attend – based on the interest you have demonstrated. Anything you can do to establish interest will be a benefit to you when college application time rolls around. Put yourself on track now to be a memorable applicant.