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From Stef’s Desk: Why I Wrote The Complete Candidate
August 10th, 2016: Puzzles fascinate me. As do mysteries. I was always drawn to games like Clue and those brain teaser riddles whereby you are given clues and have to figure out how the scenario transpired.

From Stef’s Desk: Why Fareed is Right
August 10th, 2016: Have you followed CNN host and author Fareed Zakaria’s current publicity tour for his new book, In Defense of a Liberal Education? With all of the focus on STEM degrees and career preparedness

From Stef’s Desk: Confidentially Speaking
August 10th, 2016: Can you keep a secret? Well, most people can’t. Even if they promise they will. Your college target list and application details are your personal information, and I don’t believe they should be shared with your friends or classmates.

From Stef’s Desk: Information Generation
August 10th, 2016: Oftentimes, my clients have the BEST ideas! This tech savvy generation has so much information at their fingertips, and they are constantly teaching me new tricks.

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