The Do’s and Don’ts of the Why Paragraph

The Do’s and Don’ts of the Why Paragraph

I have written extensively about the ins and outs of the Why Paragraph.  Here’s a quick list of Dos and Don’ts that you can print off and keep next to you as you approach this important essay.


  •    DO get specific.
  •    DO use the schools’ terminology in referring to majors and departments.
  •    DO convey your understanding of and commitment to the school’s philosophy or mission.
  •    DO make the connection between the college’s academics and facilities and your career goal.
  •    DO demonstrate how you will take advantage of the academic and extra-curricular opportunities that are presented to you.
  •    DO explain how you will engage in the campus community by discussing specific clubs and activities and why they appeal to you.
  •    DO show how you will contribute back to the school.
  •    DO state confidently that the school is the best place to pursue your education.


  •     DON’T make general statements such as “it’s a beautiful campus.”
  •     DON’T refer to your excitement to work with a specific faculty member who doesn’t teach undergrads or, worse, is no longer alive.
  •     DON’T refer to rankings as a reason to attend “I want to go to Harvard because it’s #1.”
  •     DON’T state your interest in joining clubs or in taking classes that the school doesn’t offer.
  •     DON’T write your essay as though it is a brochure (ie. XX College has over 100 majors and 300 clubs and activities). Remember, admissions likely wrote the college  brochure.
  •     DON’T forget that this essay should reveal something about YOU.

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