Your No-Stress Guide to College Majors

Posted on November 29, 2015 by stefmauler

To all college-bound Seniors:

your no stress guide to college majorsChoosing your college major is a big decision. This decision takes time and requires you to be honest with yourself, so don’t feel the need to pick right away. Think about what excites you. You know that feeling you get when your eyes light up and suddenly you’re talking a mile a minute? What gives you that feeling? Find it and go after it.

Although I’m an educational consultant, I can’t tell you what you should or shouldn’t study in college. There is no one perfect major, much like there is no one perfect high school schedule, or one perfect college.

During your senior year, spend time doing activities that you love and research potential majors. Think about your interests and goals. If you have a fascination with clean eating, majoring in nutrition or public health may be your perfect match. If you want to become a lawyer, a major in anything from finance to political science to international relations could be the ideal stepping stone.

If you already have a major in mind, congratulations. You are off to an excellent start. If you are unsure, like most college-bounds students are, don’t worry. Although you must decide on a major in order to graduate from college, you have time. I’m a big advocate of liberal arts colleges where students aren’t allowed to declare a major until spring of their sophomore year. Each year, take courses in a variety of subjects that interest you or that you weren’t able to be exposed to in high school. You may find inspiration in unlikely places.

Consider the job opportunities in different fields. Check if there is an active market for whichever career you decide to go in to; however, I think it’s important to state that for your generation many are training for fields that don’t yet exist. Twenty years ago, who would have thought that a major in cyber intelligence or cyber security would be offered? Take time to explore your passions and to think realistically about your post-graduation options.

Deciding on a college major may be one of the most difficult milestones in your academic career; however, don’t panic. Don’t settle on a major you dislike and realize that switching your major is OK too. Your college years are meant to be a time of personal reflection and growth, so remember that.