Your Senior Summer

Posted on November 23, 2015 by stefmauler

To all college-bound seniors:

your senior summerAfter graduating from high school, most college-bound students are more than ready for a relaxing summer devoid of responsibility. My clients often voice their excitement over their upcoming “three month vacation.”  While the summer is definitely a time to relax, reflect and make memories with friends, it is wise to manage your time well.  I know, this is not what you want to hear, but don’t get lazy. Do not let “Senioritis” carry into the summer months, or it may follow you to the first quarter or semester of your college career.

  1. Read. Most colleges will require summer reading for your freshman writing seminar. Do not procrastinate. Take this opportunity to learn how to annotate and highlight in order to organize the text and make a plan for your book discussion so you can make a strong first impression on professors and class mates on day one.
  1. Do something new. Get involved in a new activity, volunteer, or travel abroad. Learning how to adapt in unfamiliar situations is critical during your first months in college.
  1. Make a budget. College is expensive. Between buying textbooks, dorm decorations, traveling home and all those late night pizzas, you may find yourself running out of money fast. Discuss a budget with your parents. Know what they will and will not pay for and make a plan to cover the rest.
  1. Plan to stay healthy. Getting sick in college is inevitable; however, there are some things you can do over the summer to prepare. Choose your meal plan, stock up on Emergen-C, and research the workout classes your college’s gym offers. And, make sure you have an up-to-date medical file to bring with you to your college health services
  1. Polish your skills. Use the summer before college to brush up on a foreign language, Photoshop, Microsoft Excel, or practice public speaking.

Graduation will be here before you realize. Cherish the time as you prepare for your next academic adventure.