For Parents​

As the mom of a college graduate, I know how stressful the college application process can be.  You want the best for your child.  More important than leaving behind an inheritance is setting your child up for a future of success.  And the best investment you can make in your child’s future is doing everything possible to get him or her accepted to – and graduated from -- the right college.

There are many studies that suggest graduates of highly selective schools earn multiple times the income earned by peers at less selective schools.  In her research, Caroline Hoxby, the Director of the Economics of Education Program for the National Bureau of Economic Research, argues that the ROI of a Tier 1 school is so high that students are better served to pay full tuition at a Tier 1 school than to take a full scholarship at a Tier 3 school.*   For more information on ROI by school, please click here.

In addition to professional success and income potential, your child’s college choice will set the stage for his personal and social future as well.  College is where he is likely to form friendships that will last a lifetime and many students will meet their future spouses at school.  You want your child to be surrounded by peers who will positively influence him and will accelerate his personal and professional growth.

For most students, choosing a college is the first adult decision they will make and it is a decision that will have a lasting impact.  Even more daunting, the choices a student makes as early as eighth and ninth grade can greatly enhance or diminish the college choices available to him.

In some families, the importance of this monumental decision can cause stress and disagreements.  Arguments over which college to choose and nagging to complete the application can become a weekly occurrence, increasing frustrations for both parents and children.  During fall semester of senior year, students work to meet the most demanding academic and extra-curricular schedules of their careers while also trying to focus on college selection, standardized testing, essay writing, interview preparation and recommendation management.  If that weren’t enough, they are facing the end of childhood and the very scary prospect of separating from family and close friends.  It’s no wonder tensions run high and many students fall victim to College Admissions Anxiety Syndrome (CAAS).

Let me help you and your child through this overwhelming process.  Part college guide, part strategist, and, when necessary, part therapist**, I will help you and your family through the college application process with minimal stress and personal anxiety.

At The Mauler Institute, we not only provide coaching to students, we provide guidance to parents on how you can best support your child through the application process and through his transition to college.  You are a critical part of your child’s college application team.  When you hire The Mauler Institute, you can rest assured you have a partner who will work tirelessly to secure the best future possible for your child.

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*Hoxby, C. The Return to Attending A More Selective College: 1960 to the Present. Jossey-Bass, A Wiley Company, 2001.

**Stef Mauler is not a licensed therapist​