How To Get Accepted to Top-Tier or Highly Selective Schools

What makes you different?  What makes you special?  What is it that only you can bring to the school of your choice?  The answer is: a lot.  The key to getting accepted to Ivy League and other highly selective schools is not just to be the most talented student but to differentiate yourself from all the other exceptionally talented students who are also applying.

The Mauler Institute's three-step approach involves helping you to:

  1. Become a Better Candidate: The average college applicant has spent 17 years developing into a desirable candidate.   The Mauler Institute will partner with you to make the most of that “development” time by helping you to:

    • Create an academic and extra-curricular plan as early as eighth grade
    • Find creative opportunities to pursue your interests and passions
    • Compete successfully in selective contests, talent searches and enrichment programs
    • Stay on track by providing you with a checklist of activities and goals to accomplish each year of high school and during summer breaks
  2. Select the Right Schools: There are close to 3,000 4-year colleges and universities in the US.  Navigating the list to find the schools where you will be happy, successful, and will gain the academic and personal development you seek can be daunting.  The Mauler Institute will work with you to select the right schools by helping you to:

    • Build a list of target schools that meet your academic, extra-curricular and personal needs
    • Consider highly selective schools you may not know about
    • Assess your likelihood of admission to different schools
    • Plan college visits so that you make the most of your time on campus
  3. Market Yourself Effectively: Much like a product relies on packaging to attract customers, you also have to package yourself effectively to appeal to your target schools.  The college application is that packaging.  The Mauler Institute will teach you how to package yourself effectively by helping you to:

    • Develop a personal brand and application strategy that will differentiate you from other qualified applicants
    • Leverage each piece of the application to convey a powerful picture of who you are and what you will bring to your target schools
    • Manage application components you think are out of your control (letters of recommendation, interviews, GPA)
    • Meet deadlines with minimal stress 

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