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​Acceptance rates at some highly selective schools are as low as 6%. No matter how smart, talented, athletic or charming you may be, when you consider how smart, talented, athletic and charming the rest of the applicant pool is, the odds are against you.

The Mauler Institute will partner with you to reverse those odds to be in your favor. Together, we will develop your academic and personal interests so you become the most desirable candidate possible. We will find and apply to the right schools where you will be happiest, most fulfilled and, thus, most successful and we will develop an application strategy that highlights how targeted schools will benefit from the unique combination of talents and experiences that only you can bring.

Since each of our clients is different, we allow you to customize the type and level of coaching that best suits your needs. Clients can work with The Mauler Institute in one or more of the following ways:

We begin every relationship with a complimentary consultation. This initial meeting is conducted in person with the student and parents or guardians who will be active participants in the college application process. During this session, Stef will get to know you – your goals, your anxieties, your personal situation – and will explain how The Mauler Institute can help you achieve your post-secondary goals. Successful college applications require a tremendous amount of work for both the student and the coach and we both need to feel comfortable with each other’s expectations and commitment before a true partnership can be formed.

To schedule a complimentary consultation, please contact us or email info@themaulerinstitute.com.

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