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What Do Ivy League School Look For in Applicants?What Do Ivy League School Look For in Applicants?
January 21st, 2019: As a graduate of not one, but two, Ivy League schools and an interviewer of many successful Ivy League applicants, I am very familiar with what these elite schools look for when making admissions decisions - They want students who will change the world!

What is the Ivy League?What is the Ivy League?
January 7th, 2019: For many students, gaining admission to an “Ivy League” school is the pinnacle of academic accomplishment. The Ivies have a proven track record of producing the world’s most prestigious graduates in a variety of fields.

How to Help Your Child Survive College Decisions
November 12th, 2018: With early decisions about to be released, standing in the background with this inability to influence the outcome (for most of you) can be excruciating. What’s a parent to do?

Nailing Your Athletic Recruiting Group Visit Day
April 2nd, 2018: If you are a recruited athlete, chances are you will be invited to a group visit day. These campus visits are designed to introduce you to the coaching staff, tour the campus and athletic facilities and meet other student-athletes.

How to Get Honest Answers from College Admissions Staff
March 19th, 2018: How to Get Honest Answers from College Admissions Staff As we get into the season of college fairs and campus visits, you will undoubtedly come across your fair share of college admissions officers. Remember that these people are not just arbiters of who

5 Things to Notice During Your Campus Visit
March 5th, 2018: There is no singular activity that can tell you more about a college than a campus visit. Websites, mailers and, even visits from admissions officers are all marketing materials. Their collective goal is to convince you to apply.

5 Questions to Ask Your Parents Before Building a College List
February 19th, 2018: Thinking about your college options should be a time of excitement; but, negotiating your college list with your parents can, in some families, be a source of stress. Yes, you are the one who is going to college; however, in most families

When to Start the College Admission Process
January 9th, 2018: While it’s fun to laugh about the helicopter parents who stress over their child’s pre-school because they believe it make or break chances of getting into a highly selective college, the truth is that effective college admissions strategies start MUC

Studying Abroad During College: Is it Right for You?
September 5th, 2017: Studying abroad is an exciting opportunity that will undoubtedly change your outlook, expose you to different cultures, and provide you with experiences that you never thought you would have.

15 Questions to Ask When Hiring An IEC
June 25th, 2017: How can you distinguish an independent educational consultant who is an ethical professional, working with your student’s best interest as their primary goal from the few who are sub-optimally educated, or worse? Here are a few tips.

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