Math Competitions​

American Mathematics Competitions: The largest set of national high school competitions in the United States. These exams include the AMC 10, AMC 12, AIME, USAJMO, and USAMO and lead up to the selection of the U.S. team for the International Mathematical Olympiad. Grades 6—12.

American Invitational Mathematics Examination: Intermediate examination between the AMC 10 or AMC 12 and the USAMO. Grades 6—12. 

American Mathematics Contest 8: The AMC 8 is a 25 question, 40 minute multiple choice examinations in middle school mathematics designed to promote the development and enhancement of problem solving skills. Grades 8 and below.

American Mathematics Contest 10: The AMC 10 is a 25 question, 75 minute multiple choice examination in secondary school mathematics containing problems which can be understood and solved with pre-calculus concepts. Grades 10 and below. 

American Mathematics Contest 12: The AMC 12 is a 25 question, 75 minute multiple choice examination in secondary school mathematics containing problems which can be understood and solved with pre-calculus concepts. Grades 12 and below. 

American Scholastic Mathematics Association: Annual Mathematics Contest for Junior, Intermediate and Senior High Schools. Grades 7—12.

Archimedean Challenge: The Archimedean Challenge is an incredibly fun, exciting and challenging, mathematics research, friendly competition for youth! Four challenges will be held each year, beginning spring, summer, fall, and winter, respectively - a different problem posed every time (usually). The Archimedean Challenge is held concurrently with the Pythagorean Challenge, its "little brother" competition for under 13-year-olds.  Ages 13—18. 

Berkeley Math Competition: Math contest for high school or middle students in California. 

Caltech Harvey Mudd Math Competition: The Caltech Harvey Mudd Math Competition is a team competition for high school students organized by the Caltech and Harvey Mudd math clubs.

Continental Mathematics League: The National Current Events League consists of four (4) meets (Contests) held at your school during the school year. Each Meet consists of 30 multiple choice questions and may be administered comfortably within one class period. Grades 2—9.

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Harvard-MIT Mathematics Tournament: We are a student-led initiative at Harvard College and MIT.

High School Mathematical Contest in Modeling: HiMCM offers students the opportunity to compete in a team setting using mathematics to present solutions to real-world modeling problems. Grades 9—12.

International Mathematics Olympiad: The International Mathematical Olympiad is a two day math competition held each summer.  Grades 9—12. 

iTest: Encourage K-12 students to develop interest in and to be prepared for careers in the STEM and ICT workforce of the future.

Mandelbrot Competition: We now offer two contests within five geographic regions, encompassing students from across the United States and several foreign countries. Grades 9—12. 

Mathematical Olympiad Summer Program: Mathematics program for a select group of very promising students who have risen to the top on the American Mathematics Competitions. Invitation only. 

Math Kangaroo Competition: Math Kangaroo Competition is a once a year event, always on the third Thursday in March. Grades 1—12. Elementary, middle, and high school math contests held each year to determine the individual and team state champions in several states. 

Moody's Mega Math Challenge: Moody's Mega Math Challenge (M3 Challenge) is an applied mathematics competition for high school students in select states. Grades 11—12.

Mu Alpha Theta: Mathematics competitions to participating members at their own school through the Log 1 Contest, the Rocket City Math League, and the Mathematical Minutes Video Contest. Grades 9-12 and two-year college students.

National Internet Math Olympiad: The NIMO is a team contest that promotes teamwork among contestants of the same group. Ranging from easier math problems to very challenging questions, eight problems are presented in the contest to stimulate mathematical insight among high-school underclassmen across the nation. Grades 12 and below.

National Online Math League: The Online Math League offers 3 fun, challenging math contests throughout each school year. Grades: All. 

OSU High School Math Contest: The contest is held annually in the fall. The contest is in two parts. The first part is approximately 25 multiple choice questions. The second part is a team round containing about five more difficult problems involving ideas about geometry, counting, etc.  Students worked these problems in groups of four and submitted jointly written solutions. Grades 9—12. 

Perennial Math: Perennial Math is competition for teams of students in third to eighth grades.

Wisconsin Mathematical Talent Search: Talent Search creates five sets of five problems each and distributes them to high school and middle school students in the state of Wisconsin and throughout the world. 

Princeton University Mathematics Competition: Teams of eight high school students compete in individual, team, and proof-based math assessments.

Purple Comet Math Meet: The Purple Comet! Math Meet is a free, on-line, international, team, mathematics competition for middle and high school students conducted annually since 2003. 

Rice University Mathematics Tournament: The Rice University Mathematics Tournament is an annual event for high school students from schools in the southern United States.

Rocket City Math League: International mail-in competition for avid students in mathematics. Grades 6—12.

Siemens Westinghouse Competition in Math Science & Technology: Through this competition, students have an opportunity to achieve national recognition for science research projects that they complete in high school. Grades 9—12.

SIGMA: Mathematics league that promotes problem solving through competition.  SiGMA provides students the opportunity to compete nationally as an individual, as a team, and as a school. Grades 6—12.

SkillsUSA Related Technical Math: Several competitions involving math.

Stanford Math Tournament: Annual high school competition run by the Stanford University Mathematical Organization. 

Texas A&M University Math Contests: The TAMU high school mathematics tournament. Grades 9—12.

Texas Alliance for Minorities in Engineering State Math Contest: At the annual State Math & Science Competition, middle and high school students compete in individual math and science tests and participate in an interactive team design challenge.  Grades 9—12.

The Math Bee hosted by the North South Foundation: North South Foundation (NSF) is a volunteer driven non-profit organization.  Math contest is aimed at nurturing math skills among children in grades 1-8. Contest open to children of India decent. 

United States of America Mathematical Olympiad: The USAMO provides a means of identifying and encouraging the most creative secondary mathematics students in the country.  Invitation only.

United States of America Junior Mathematical: The Junior Mathematical Olympiad contest better meets the level of young students. 

University Interscholastic League: The Mathematics Contest consists of a 40-minute, multiple-choice exam with 60 questions, designed to test knowledge and understanding in the areas of basic mathematics, algebra I and II, geometry, trigonometry, math analysis, analytic geometry, pre-calculus and elementary calculus. Grades 9—12.

University of Georgia High School Mathematics Tournament: Annual High School Varsity Math Tournament on the UGA campus, to foster the mathematical education in Georgia and neighboring states. The tournament consists of three challenging rounds: ciphering, written and team collaboration. Grades 9—12.

University of Houston Math Tournament: Math Contest held at University of Houston. Grades 9—12. 

University of Maryland High School Mathematics Competition: Open to all high school students in Maryland and the District of Columbia, with past results, problems and solutions. Grades 9—12. 

USA Mathematical Talent Search: A free mathematics competition available to all high school students in the United States. Grades 9—12. 

Who Wants to Be a Mathematician: In the AMS game Who Wants to Be a Mathematician, high school students compete for cash and prizes by answering multiple choice mathematics questions. Grades 9—12.