Other Competitions

Other Competitions

Science and Engineering

USA Physics Olympiad: based at University of Maryland.

USA Chemistry Olympiad: based at U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs.

USA Biology Olympiad: based at George Mason University.

USA Computing Olympiad: based at University of Wisconsin.

USA Mathematical Olympiad: based at the University of Nebraska.


Highly Selective Summer Research Programs

The Research Science Institute (RSI): This six-week summer program offers rising seniors the opportunity to conduct original research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and other research institutions in the Boston area.

The PreCollege Research Abroad Program (PRAP): This program arranges for high school students to conduct research in science, mathematics, or engineering the Russian Academy of Science in Puschino, Russia’s premiere research facility.

The Simons Program: This seven-week program is funded by SUNY Stony Brook University. It is small and very selective. Simon’s students work one-on-one with scientists on individual projects.

Michigan State High School Honors Science-Math Engineering Program: Oldest continuously-run high school research program in the country. Tuition is required but scholarships are available.


Major Research Contests

Intel Science Talent Search (STS): Note: Different from Intel ISEF. To enter, students must submit science journal-style papers based on their own research, along with application that require multiple essays. The deadline is mid-November. Finalists are invited to Washington, D.C., to represent their research.

Siemens: Another top research contests. Entries are judged solely on the work submitted. Events take place earlier in the school year and allow high school seniors to mention positive results in their Early Decision applications to college.

Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF): This contest offers scholarships and prizes each year. Hundreds of winners of local ISEF-affiliated science fairs are invited to attend each year. This contest is very large in size.

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Junior Science and Humanities Symposium (JSHS): Sponsored by the departments of the Army, Navy and Air Force, and administered by the Academy of Applied Science, a nonprofit institute. To become involved, applicants must write a science research paper and an abstract. Participation is free.

FIRST Robotics Competition: Largest engineering-only activity for high school students, involving 30,000 kids through 1,300 teams and thirty-seven regional events.

National Gallery for America’s Young Inventors: Christopher Columbus Fellowship Foundation’s National Gallery for America’s Young Inventors selects up to six young inventors in grades kindergarten through 12 for their annual award. To qualify, the young inventor’s work must already have been nationally recognized by other competitions or must be a patent holder or have a product on the national market.


For Students Interested in Astronomy

The Summer Science Programs (SSP) at Ojai California, and Socorro, and New Mexico: One of the most selective and prestigious program available to students interested in Astronomy.

CASPER (Center for Astrophysics, Space Physics and Engineering Research): This very small program is offered jointly by Baylor University and Texas State Technical College. The program only admits two students each summer.