SAT Subject Test

Below is a list of SAT II requirements for various colleges and universities. Please check with each school's website for the most up-to-date testing requirements.



University of Alberta

Applicants from the US may be considered for admission in one of three ways [including the attainment of] an acceptable score on the SAT Subject Test in the appropriate subjects.

  • These are: Biology E or M, 590; Chemistry, 600; Chinese, 750; French, 580; German, 560; Hebrew, 600; Italian, 620; Japanese, 620; Korean, 600; Latin, 600; Math Level 2, 600; Physics, 600; Spanish, 570; US History, 620; World History, 620.
  • Critical Reading (550) from the SAT Reasoning Test may be used to meet the English subject requirement.
  • Grade equivalencies or AP/IB test results or Subject Test scores must be presented in five different curriculum areas: English, Humanities (includes History and Languages), Fine Arts (no Subject Tests in Fine Arts), Mathematics and Science


California Institute of Technology (Cal Tech)

Chapman University [optional and used for placement]

Claremont McKenna College [optional—will be used for placement purposes only if submitted]

Deep Springs College [optional—will be used “to better understand a student” if sent]

Harvey Mudd College

Mills College [recommended if student application “may be enhanced” by submission of Subject Tests]

Occidental College [optional]

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Pomona College [ACT may be submitted in lieu of both SAT Reasoning and two Subject Tests “which are not in the same field”]

Scripps College [recommended in language for placement purposes only]

Stanford University [will be considered if submitted; if Math, Level 2 preferred]

University of California, Berkeley

  • Recommended for applicants to College of Chemistry - Math Level 2 and one science “strongly encouraged”
  • Recommended for applicants to College of Engineering {same as College of Chemistry} - “the presence of Subject Tests, particularly in a science and Math Level 2, is considered a plus”

University of California, Irvine [recommended as follows]:

  • School of the Arts: “any Subject Test that will demonstrate student’s strengths”
  • School of Engineering: Math Level 2
  • Dept of Pharmaceutical Studies: any science and/or Math Level 2
  • School of Physical Sciences, majors in Chemistry; Earth System Science; Math; and
  • Physics: Math Level 2
  • Major in Public Health Sciences: Biology or Chemistry
  • Major in Public Health Policy: Biology or World History

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) [strongly encouraged for applicants to School of Engineering and Applied Science: “Math Level 2 and science are considered as value-added achievements during the application evaluation”]

University of California, Merced [optional—“can be used to show mastery of a particular subject or to satisfy ‘a-g’ subject requirements”]

University of California, Riverside [“strongly recommended” for applicants to College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences and College of Engineering: Math Level 2and Chemistry or Physics]

University of California, San Diego [strongly encouraged for applicants to School of Engineering and Division of Biological Sciences: “Math Level 2 and science are considered as value-added achievements during the application evaluation”]

University of California, Santa Barbara [recommended as follows:

  • College of Engineering: Math Level 2
  • College of Creative Studies:
  • Biology majors: Biology E or M
  • Biochemistry majors: Chemistry
  • Chemistry majors: Chemistry
  • Computer Science majors: Math Level 2
  • Literature majors: Literature
  • Math majors: Math Level 2
  • Physics majors: Math Level 2 and Physics
  • College of Letters and Science: “Subject Test scores will be considered as value-added achievements during the application evaluation”

University of California, Santa Cruz [optional—“can be used to satisfy ‘a-g’ subject requirements”]

University of Southern California [recommended: “we find them helpful in evaluating applications for merit scholarships”]

University of the Pacific

  • “Strongly recommended” in Math Level 1 or 2 for all applicants for placement purposes;
  • “Strongly recommended” in Math Level 1 or 2 and Chemistry for the following majors: biological sciences; biochemistry; bioengineering; chemistry; chemistry-biology; civil engineering; dental hygiene; electrical engineering; engineering management; engineering physics; mechanical engineering; physics; pre-dental studies; pre-medical studies; pre-pharmacy studies


Connecticut College [submission of standardized testing optional; if submitted, student may choose from SAT or ACT or two Subject Tests]

Trinity College [requires one of the following: ACT, SAT or any two Subject Tests]

Wesleyan University [ACT may be submitted in lieu of both SAT and two Subject Tests]

Yale University [ACT may be submitted in lieu of both SAT and two Subject Tests; “Bear in mind, however, that some Yale departments use the SAT and/or SAT Subject Tests for course placement”]



University of Delaware [two recommended, especially for candidates to Honors Program]


District Of Columbia

American University [recommended, especially for placement purposes in mathematics and world languages]

Catholic University of America

  • Subject Test or AP/IB exam in Language recommended for Arts/Sciences and Philosophy candidates prior to matriculation—can take university placement test or submit AP/IB results if no prior exam;
  • Subject Tests recommended in other disciplines and used for placement purposes for all other candidates

George Washington University

  • Required for applicants to accelerated degree programs—BA/MD: any math and any science;
  • BA/JD: Two of student choice; Integrated Engineering and Medicine: any math and any science: required for Early Admission candidates (those completing high school in fewer than four years—not be confused with Early Decision or Early Action plans)—one math, one of student’s choice;
  • “Strongly recommended” for candidates to University Honors Program — any two of student’s choice; recommended for all other applicants

Georgetown University [three “strongly recommended”]



University of Florida [optional and used for placement only—if submitting math, must be Level 2]

University of Miami [Subject Tests required in Math and one Science for all applicants to Honors Program in Medicine]



Emory University [“encouraged”—this includes students applying to Oxford College of Emory University]

University of Georgia [recommended for placement purposes, especially in math]



Northwestern University [Math Level 2; Chemistry; and Physics required of applicants to Integrated Science Program; Math Level 2 and Chemistry required of applicants to Honors Program in Medical Education; two recommended for all other applicants]



University of Notre Dame [Subject Tests “only considered in admission process if scores enhance an application” and are “also used for credit and placement in the first year of studies”]



Bates College [SAT Reasoning and Subject Tests optional—will be considered in admission process if submitted]

Bowdoin College [SAT Reasoning and Subject Tests optional—will be considered in admission process if submitted]

Colby College [applicants may submit SAT or ACT or three Subject Tests in different areas (cannot submit Math 1 and Math 2 or Spanish and Spanish with Listening, e.g.)]



Goucher College [Subject Tests optional, will be considered in admission if submitted]

Johns Hopkins University [three “strongly recommended”; if applying in Engineering, Math Level 2; one science; and one additional Subject Test “strongly recommended”]



Amherst College [ACT may be submitted in lieu of SAT and two Subject Tests]

Babson College [optional—will consider if submitted]

Bentley University [optional—will consider if submitted]

Boston College [ACT may be submitted in lieu of both SAT and two Subject Tests]

Boston University [SAT or ACT and Subject Tests required for accelerated programs as below:]

  • Accelerated Liberal Arts/Medical Education Combined Degree Program: Two Subject Tests—Chemistry and Math Level 2 required, Subject Test in world language Recommended
  • Accelerated Liberal Arts/Dental Education Combined Degree Program: Two Subject Tests—Chemistry and Math Level 2 required, Subject Test in world language Recommended

College of the Holy Cross [“submission of all standardized testing is entirely voluntary”; will consider Subject Tests in admission if submitted]

Franklin Olin College of Engineering: Math Level 1 or Level 2 (preferred) and Biology, Chemistry or Physics

Hampshire College [submission of standardized testing optional, Subject Tests considered if submitted]

Harvard and Radcliffe Colleges

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT): one Math, one Science

Smith College [submission of standardized testing optional—will consider Subject Tests if submitted]

Tufts University

  • ACT may be submitted in lieu of both SAT and two Subject Tests;
  • If SAT option chosen, prospective engineering majors required to submit either Math Level 1 or Level 2 and either Chemistry or Physics;
  • prospective science/math majors to Arts/Sciences recommended math and science Subject Tests

Wellesley College [ACT may be submitted in lieu of both SAT and two Subject tests; prospective science/math majors are “strongly suggested” to submit at least one in quantitative subject]

Wheaton College [submission of standardized testing optional, will consider Subject Tests if submitted]

Williams College

Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) [math and science recommended; “scores only used if they benefit applicant”]


Calvin College [recommended]


Carleton College [recommended]

Macalester College [optional—will be considered if submitted]


Washington University in Saint Louis [optional—“if you do take them and submit your scores, we will only consider them if they strengthen your application”]



Deep Springs College [optional—will be used “to better understand a student” if sent]


New Hampshire

Dartmouth College


New Jersey

Princeton University

prospective engineers must submit Physics or Chemistry and Math Level 1 or Math Level

Stevens Institute of Technology [two Subject Tests recommended if applying for accelerated law degree; Math Level 1 or Math Level 2 and Biology or Chemistry required if applying for accelerated pre-medical or pre-dental degrees]


New York

Barnard College [ACT may be submitted in lieu of SAT and two Subject Tests]

City University< of New York (CUNY), Brooklyn College [optional for applicants to Honors Academy and accelerated BA/MD program—will be considered if submitted]

City University of New York (CUNY), Queens College [“strongly recommended” for all Honors candidates and applicants to Scholars Program]

Clarkson University [recommended]

Columbia University [ACT may be submitted in lieu of SAT and two Subject Tests; if submitting SAT, prospective engineering students must submit Math Level 1 or Level 2 and Physics or Chemistry]

Cooper Union [Math Level 1 or Level 2 and Physics or Chemistry required of engineering applicants]

Cornell University [required or optional as below]:

  • Agriculture and Life Sciences: optional
  • Architecture, Art and Planning: Architecture applicants required Math Level 1 or Level 2
  • Arts and Sciences: two required
  • Engineering: required Science and Math
  • Hotel Administration: required Math Level 1 or Level 2
  • Human Ecology: required Math and one of student choice
  • Industrial and Labor Relations: optional

Fordham University [optional—will be considered if submitted]

Hamilton College - Submit one of the following:

  • ACT; SAT; three SAT Subject tests;
  • Three Advanced Placement (AP) tests;
  • Three International Baccalaureate (IB) tests;
  • Or a combination of any three of the preceding exams, provided that at least one is verbal/ writing and one is quantitative; AP English Literature not accepted as a verbal/writing submission;
  • AP Statistics not accepted as a quantitative submission

Hobart and William Smith Colleges [submission of standardized testing optional—will be considered if submitted]

Jewish Theological Seminary of America, Albert List College [two Subject Tests required for applicants to Double Degree Program with Barnard]

New York University (NYU) - Must provide one of the following

  • SAT or ACT or three Subject Tests (one in literature or humanities: US History, World History or Literature; one in math or science; and one in non-language test of student’s choice)
  • Three IB HLor AP Exam scores (one in literature or humanities: AP English Literature [not AP English Language], AP US History, AP World History, AP European History; one in math or science: AP Calculus AB or BC [not AP Statistics], AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Physics B or C; one in non-language of student choice; or evidence of completion of the IB Diploma.  AP and IB exams must be taken prior to senior year to be applicable during the admissions cycle. 
  • Applicants to the Stern School of Business who do not provide SAT or ACT scores must provide a score from a mathematics examination.
  • Note also this statement on the NYU website: “Students may instead select to submit result from a nationally accredited exam that is considered locally to signify the completion of secondary education and is administered independently of the student’s school”

Pratt Institute [Level 1 or 2 math recommended for applicants to architecture program]

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) [Subject Tests in Math and Science required of all applicants to accelerated degree programs in law and medicine if submitting SAT instead of ACT]

Skidmore College [two “strongly recommended”—Subject Tests in language used for placement]

State University of New York (SUNY) at Buffalo [recommended in world language for placement]

State University of New York (SUNY) at Stony Brook [math and one other recommended]

Union College [standardized testing optional, except: applicants to eight-year BS/MD program in Leadership in Medicine and Health Management must submit SAT and one math and one science Subject Test or ACT]

University of Rochester

  • Math and Biology or Chemistry Subject Tests “highly recommended” for all applicants to Rochester Early Medical Scholars Program
  • One science and one math Subject Test “highly recommended” for applicants to Graduate Engineering at Rochester Program; recommended for all other applicants

Vassar College [ACT may be submitted in lieu of both SAT and two Subject Tests “in different academic areas”]

Webb Institute (of Naval Architecture) Chemistry or Physics; and Math Level 1 or Math Level 2


North Carolina

Davidson College [two “strongly encouraged”: one Math and one of student choice if submitting SAT instead of ACT]

Duke University

  • ACT may be submitted in lieu of both SAT and Subject Tests; if ACT submitted, Arts/Sciences applicants are “encouraged” to take Subject Tests in World Language;
  • if ACT not submitted, Arts and Sciences applicants required to submit two Subject Tests—one in world language “encouraged”;
  • Engineering applicants required to submit Math Level 1 or Math Level 2 and one other of student’s choice]

North Carolina State University

  • Math Level 2
  • an AP Calculus exam (AB or BC); or
  • Completion of NC State Online Math Skill Test required of accepted students who wish to enroll in a university mathematics course

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

  • “You are welcome to provide any Subject Test results”; Math Level 2; AP Calculus AB or BC; or IB Math HL exams required of accepted students for placement purposes only if student will enroll in a Calculus course;
  • Math Level 1 required of accepted students for placement purposes only if student does not intend to enroll in a Calculus course;
  • Subjects Tests in Latin, German, Chinese, Spanish and French optional and used for placement purposes only]

Wake Forest University [optional—will be considered if submitted]



Case Western Reserve University [optional—“you may send them if you feel they strengthen your application”]

Kenyon College [optional—will be considered if submitted]

Oberlin College [two recommended]



University of Toronto - required as follows:

  • Applied Science and Engineering: three—Chemistry, Physics and Math; applicant may also submit any combination of three AP, IB or Subjects tests in these areas to fulfill this requirement
  • Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences: two of student’s choice “in different subject areas”; however, one Math Subject Test required for any math-based major; applicant may also take any combination of two AP, IB or Subject Tests in different subject areas to fulfill this requirement
  • Commerce, Business, Management: same as above
  • Computer Science: same as above
  • Life/Biological Sciences and Psychology: same as above
  • Music: same as above
  • Physical Education and Health/Kinesiology: same as above
  • Physical/Mathematical/Chemical Sciences: same as above
  • Teacher Education: same as above


Reed College [optional—will be considered if submitted]



Allegheny College [recommended]

Bryn Mawr College [ACT may be submitted in lieu of both SAT and two Subject Tests in different disciplines or student may submit a combination of three AP and/or Subject Tests—one in English, history or world language; one in math or science; and one of student choice “in a subject different from the other two” (only one exam in a World Language will be considered)]

Bucknell University [optional—will be considered if submitted; Subject Test in World language recommended for placement purposes]

Carnegie Mellon University [required or otherwise as below]

Carnegie Institute of Technology [Math Level 1 or 2 and Chemistry or Physics required]

  • College of Fine Arts: Architecture [same as above]
  • College of Fine Arts: Other [neither required nor recommended]
  • College of Humanities and Social Sciences [Math Level 1 or 2 and one of student’s choice required]
  • Information Systems [same as above]

Mellon College of Science [Math Level 1 or 2 and one of the three sciences: Biology, Physics, Chemistry required]

School of Computer Science [same as above]

Tepper School of Business [Math Level 1 or 2 and one of student’s choice, preferably a science]

Dickinson College [optional—considered if submitted; SAT and ACT optional though required for scholarship consideration],

Franklin and Marshall College [submission of testing optional—if not submitted, student must submit two recent (junior or senior year) graded writing samples; Subject Tests “may be submitted to demonstrate student’s strength within academic subjects”]

Haverford College [ACT may be submitted in lieu of both SAT and two Subject Tests]

Lafayette College [Subject Tests recommended, considered for placement “in some academic departments” if submitted]

Lehigh University [recommended for placement; applicants to BA/MD degree program “strongly encouraged” to take any math and Chemistry Subject Test]

Susquehanna University [recommended “to provide valuable information about admission”; students may submit two graded writing samples in lieu of SAT or ACT]

Swarthmore College [one of three options: SAT and two Subject Tests of student’s choice; or ACT; or SAT and ACT with or without Writing; engineering applicants “encouraged” to submit Math Level 2 regardless of whether SAT or ACT is presented]

University of Pennsylvania

  • ACT may be submitted in lieu of both SAT and two Subject Tests
  • If submitting SAT and Subject Tests, students applying to Engineering/Applied Science “strongly encouraged” to submit a math test and physics
  • Students applying in Arts/Science who plan to major in science “encouraged” to submit a science test
  • Students applying in Wharton “strongly encouraged’ to submit a math test
  • Students applying in Nursing “strongly encouraged’ to submit a science test, preferably Chemistry]

Puerto Rico

University of Puerto Rico, Bayamon University College [recommended; exams in Spanish and in math required from English-speaking US applicants]



McGill University [ACT may be submitted in lieu of both SAT and Subject Tests; if submitting Subject Tests, see below]:

  • Agricultural/Environmental Sciences: one math and one science Architecture: Math; Chemistry or Physics
  • Arts: any two Subject Tests Arts and Science (BA): Math and one other of student’s choice
  • Dietetics/Nutrition: one math and one science Education: any two Subject Tests
  • Engineering: Math and Chemistry or Physics Kinesiology: two of the following --  Biology, Chemistry, Math, Physics
  • Management: Math and one other of student’s choice Music: Subject Tests neither required nor recommended
  • Nursing: two of the following --  Biology, Chemistry, Math, Physics Religious Studies: neither required nor recommended
  • Science (BS): two of the following -- Biology, Chemistry, Math, Physics

Rhode Island

Brown University [ACT may be submitted in lieu of both SAT and two Subject Tests]



Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne 

  • Three AP exams, IB HL certificates or Subject Tests or a combination of the three along with minimum 500 score per subtest on SAT required from applicants from USA who have not earned an IB Diploma with 28 points or more. 
  • At least one of these [IB, AP, Subject Tests] should be in a quantitative or scientific subject.


Vanderbilt University [optional—will be considered if submitted and will be used for placement purposes; “applicants to the School of Engineering who choose to take Subject Tests are ‘strongly encouraged’ to submit Math Level 1 or 2”]



Rice University [ACT may be submitted in lieu of SAT and two Subject Tests in “subjects related to student’s proposed area of study”]

Trinity University [optional—considered if submitted]

University of Texas at Austin [Subject Tests in Latin, Korean, German, Physics and Math used for placement purposes if submitted


United Kingdom

King’s College of London

  • Students may choose to submit a “full year” of Advanced Placement exams with scores of 4 or 5 to satisfy test requirements for admission;
  • Alternatively, a student may submit SAT or ACT and Subject Tests.  This applies only to candidates for The School of Social Science and Public Policy and The School of Arts and Humanities


Bennington College [all standardized testing optional; Subject Tests will be considered if submitted]

Middlebury College [SAT or ACT or three Subject Tests “in different areas of study”]



College of William and Mary [optional—will consider if submitted and used for placement purposes in world languages]

George Mason University [submission of SAT and ACT optional if student is in top 20% of class and/or has GPA of 3.5 or better on 4.0 scale; Subject Tests used for placement in World Languages if submitted]

Hampden-Sydney College [recommended]

University of Mary Washington [optional—will be considered if submitted]

University of Richmond [optional—used only for exemption from World Languages requirement]

University of Virginia [“strongly recommended”]

Washington and Lee University [two exams “in unrelated areas” recommended—can’t submit Math Level 1 and Math Level 2, for example]

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