Writing Competitions

​May Deadline

Graywolf Press Nonfiction Price. Nonfiction. Annually in May.

James Laughlin Award. Poetry. 1/1-5/15 (annual)

Writer's Digest Annual Writing Competition. Number of Categories. Early-bird deadline annually in early May.


June Deadline

Tufts Poetry Awards. Poetry. Books published between 9/1-6/30 of each year are eligible.

Drue Heinz Literature Prize. Short Story, Novella, or combination of both. 6/30 (annual)

Tony Hillerman Prize. Mystery Novel. 6/1 (annual)


August Deadline

Young Lions Fiction Award. Novel, Short Story. 8/31


September Deadline

Black Warrior Review. Poetry, Fiction, Nonfiction. 9/1 (annual)

Encircle Publications. Poetry. 9/1 (annual)

Dogwood. Poetry, Fiction, Nonfiction. 7/1 - 9/5

International 3-Day Novel Contest. Fiction. 9/4 (annual)

Naugatuck River Review. Narrative Poetry Contest. Poetry. 9/1 (annual)

University of Notre Dame Creative Writing Program. Richard Sullivan Prize in Short Fiction. Fiction. 5/1 - 9/1

University of Notre Dame Creative Writing Program. Ernest Sandeen Prize in Poetry. Poetry. 5/1 - 9/1

Bartleby Snopes. Dialogue Only Contest. Short Story. 9/15 (annual)

Black Lawrence Press. Poetry, Fiction. 6/1 - 8/31

Elephant Rock Books. YA Novel. 5/1 - 6/30

Farmingdale State College. Paumanok Poetry Award. Poetry. 9/15 (annual postmark)

The Greensboro Review. Robert Watson Literary Prizes. Poetry, Fiction. 9/15 (annual postmark)

Les Figues Press. NOS Book Contest. Poetry, Fiction, Lyric Essays, Hybrid, Other. 9/15 ( annual)

Literal Latte. Essay Awards. Nonfiction. 9/30 (annual)

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Real Simple's Life Lessons Essay Contest. Personal Essay. Annually in mid-September.

New Voices Award. Children's Picture Book. 9/30 (annual postmark) [*only for writers of color*]

Texas Review Press. George Garrett Fiction Prize. Fiction. 9/15 (annual)

Toasted Cheese. Three Cheers and a Tiger. Sci Fi/Fantasy Fiction. No Fee. 9/20 - 9/22

The Capilano Review. Robin Blaser Poetry Award. Poetry. 9/15

Glimmer Train. Family Stories. 9/30

Hippocampus. Remember in November. Nonfiction. 9/30

California State University Fresno/Anhinga Press. Philip Levine Prize in Poetry. Poetry. 9/30 (annual)

The Chariton Review. Short Fiction Prize. Fiction. 9/30 (annual)

Lee & Low Books. New Voices Awards. Children's Picture Book. No Fee. 5/1 - 9/30 (annual)

Lunch Ticket. Diana Woods Memorial Award in Creative Nonfiction. Nonfiction. No Fee. 8/1 - 9/30 (annual)

Midwest Writing Center. Susan K. Collins/Mississippi Valley Poetry Chapbook Contest. Poetry. 1/1 - 4/1

New Issues Poetry & Prose. Green Rose Prize. Poetry. 9/30 (annual)

Ohio State University Press/The Journal. Poetry. 9/1 - 9/30 (annual postmark)

The Puritan. Thomas Morton Memorial Prize in Literary Excellence. Poetry, Fiction. 9/30 (annual)

Red Hen Press/Los Angeles Review. Poetry. 9/30 (annual)

The Southwest Review. Morton Marr Poetry Prize. Poetry. 9/30 (annual postmark)

Standing Rock Cultural Arts. Standing Rock Chapbook Competition. Poetry. 9/30 (annual)

University of Iowa Press. Iowa Short Fiction Award/John Simmons Short Fiction Award. Fiction. No Fee. 8/1 - 9/30 (annual postmark)

University of Massachusetts Press. Juniper Prizes. Poetry, Fiction. 8/1 - 9/30 (annual)

University of Wisconsin Press. Brittingham/Felix Pollak Prizes in Poetry. Poetry. 8/15 - 9/15 (annual)

University Press of Colorado. May Swenson Poetry Award. Poetry. 9/30 (postmark)


October Deadline

Alligator Juniper. Poetry, Fiction, Nonfiction. 8/15 - 10/1 (annual postmark)

American Literary Review. Poetry, Fiction, Essay. 6/1 - 10/1 (annual)

Boston Review. Short Story. 10/1 (annual postmark)

Caketrain. Poetry [odd years], Fiction [even years]. 10/1 (annual)

CityLit. Poetry. 10/1 (annual)

Consequence. Poetry. No Fee. 9/1 - 10/31

Journal of Renga & Renku. Renku. No Fee. 10/1 (annual)

The Missouri Review. Poetry, Fiction, Essay. 10/1 (annual)

Smartih Pace. Poetry. 10/1 (annual)

Ernest J. Gaines Award for Literary Excellence. Fiction. 10/1 [*African American fiction writers only*]

Prole. Prolitzer Prize. Prose. 4/1 - 10/1

SEMO State University Press. Poetry. 4/1 (annual)

SEMO State University Press. Short Story, Flash Fiction. 10/1 (annual)

Smartish Pace. Poetry. 10/1

Zoetrope: All-Story. Short Fiction. 10/1 (annual)

New Delta Review. Short Fiction. Check in August.

Descant. Poetry. 10/12 (annual) [*for Canadian writers only*]

L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Contest. Short Story, Novelette. Quarterly on 1/1, 4/1, 7/1 and 10/1.

Miami University Press. Novella. 10/15 (postmark)

The Comstock Review. Jessie Bryce Niles Chapbook Competition. Poetry. 8/1 - 10/31 (postmark)

Cutthroat. Poetry, Short Story. 7/15 - 10/15 (annual postmark)

Glenna Luschei Rize for African Poetry. Poetry. 5/1-10/1

Lumina. Nonfiction. 10/15

Nightboat Books. Poetry. 9/1 - 10/15 (annual)

Silverfish Review Press. Poetry. 10/15 (annual)

So to Speak. Poetry, Nonfiction. 10/15 (annual)

Sycamore Review. Wabash Prize for Nonfiction. Nonfiction. 2/1

Spark: A Creative Anthology. Prose, Poetry, and a New Artwork Category. Quarterly in December/January, April, June, and September/October.

Texas Review Press. Novella. 10/15 (annual)

flipped eye. Poetry. 10/16 [pamphlet]

The American Poetry Review. Poetry. 8/1 - 10/31 (annual)

Black Lawrence Press. Poetry, Short Stories. 10/31 (annual)

Diagram. Hybrid Essay. 10/31 (annual)

PEN/Faulkner Award for Fiction. Fiction. 10/31 (annual)

Dream Horse Press. Orphic Prize for Poetry. Poetry. 10/31 (postmark)

Marfield Prize. Nonfiction. 10/31

Gambling the Aisle. Poetry, Fiction. 10/31

North American Review. Poetry. 10/31 (annual postmark)

Persea Books. Poetry. 9/1 - 10/31 (annual postmark)

RHINO. Founders Prize. Poetry. 10/31

Tebot Bach. Poetry. 10/31 (annual postmark)

Truman State University Press. Poetry. 10/31 (annual)

University of Arkansas Press. Poetry. 10/31 (annual postmark)

University of Louisville Creative Writing. Fiction. 10/14

Wick Poetry Center. Poetry. 8/31 - 10/31 (annual postmark)

[*Ohio poets only*]


November Deadline

Alice James Books. Poetry. 11/1 (annual postmark)

The Briar Cliff Review. Poetry, Fiction, Nonfiction. 11/1 (annual)

Brick Road Poetry Press. Poetry. 8/1 - 11/1 (annual)

Coal Hill Review. Poetry Chapbook. 8/1 - 11/1 (annual)

The Malahat Review. Poetry, Fiction, Nonfiction. 11/1 (annual postmark)

New Rivers Press. Poetry, Prose. 9/15 - 11/1 (annual)

Reed Magazine. Poetry, Short Stories. 11/1 (annual)

Southeast Missouri State University Press. Novel. 11/1 (annual postmark)

Sow's Ear Poetry Review. Poetry. 9/1 - 11/1 (annual postmark)

Split This Rock Poetry Festival. Poetry of Provocation & Witness. 11/1 (annual postmark)

The Tampa Review. Fiction. 11/1 (annual)

Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Lit Fest. One-Act Play. 6/1 - 11/1 (annual)

Poets Out Loud. Poetry. Check in September.

Fiction Collective 2. Innovative Fiction. 8/15 - 11/1/15

Broad River Review. Poetry, Fiction. 11/15 (annual postmark)

Brooklyn Non-Fiction Prize. Nonfiction. Annually in mid-November.

Chautauqua. Poetry, Fiction, Nonfiction. 8/15 - 11/15 (annual)

The Formalist/Measure. Sonnet. 11/15 (annual)

Harpur Palate. Poetry, Nonfiction. 9/1 - 11/15 (annual)

Perugia Press. Poetry. 8/1 - 11/15 (annual postmark)

Poetica Magazine. Poetry. No Fee. September 2015

Shenandoah. Poetry. 10/15 - 11/15 (annual postmark) [*for Virginia poets only*]

Slope Editions. Poetry. 11/15 (annual)

Women's National Book Association. Poetry, Fiction. 8/15 - 11/15 (annual)

Yale University Press. Poetry. 10/1 - 11/15 (annual postmark)

Crab Orchard Review/Southern Illinois University Press. Poetry. 10/1 - 11/21 (postmark)

African Poetry Book Fund. Poetry. 9/15 - 11/30 (annual)

[*for African poets only*]

Bear Star Press. Poetry. 9/1 - 11/30 (annual)

BOA Editions. Poetry. 8/1 - 11/30 (annual)

Cider Press Review. Poetry. 9/1 - 11/30 (annual)

Concrete Wolf. Poetry. 11/30 (annual)

Cream City Review. Poetry, Fiction, Nonfiction. 11/1 (annual)

Ohio University Press/Swallow Press. Poetry. 11/15 (postmark)

Fish Publishing. Short Story. 8/1 - 11/30 (annual)

Glimmer Train. Short Story. 11/1 - 11/30 (annual)

The Kenyon Review. High School Poetry. No Fee. 11/1 - 11/30 (annual)

New Issues Poetry & Prose. Poetry. 11/30 (annual)

Plough Arts Center. Poetry. 11/30

Poems & Plays. Poetry, Drama. 10/1 - 11/30 (annual)

Prairie Fire. Poetry, Fiction, Nonfiction. 11/30 (annual postmark)

Prism Review. Fiction, Poetry. 11/30 (annual)

A River & Sound Review. Poetry, Fiction. 8/1 - 11/30 (annual)

SLAB. Poetry. 11/30 (annual)

White Pine Press. Poetry. 7/1 - 11/30 (annual)

WOW! Women On Writing. Flash Fiction. 11/30 (annual)


December Deadline

The Fiddlehead. Poetry, Fiction. 12/1 (annual postmark)

Five Points. Poetry. 9/1 - 12/1 (annual)

The Florida Review. Fiction, Graphic Narrative. 12/1 (annual)

The Lyric. Undergraduate Poetry. No Fee. 12/1 (annual)

Mississippi Review. Poetry, Fiction. 8/1 - 12/1 (annual)

Rose Metal Press. Flash Fiction, Nonfiction. 11/1 - 12/1 (annual)

Sarabande Books. Undergraduate Poetry. No Fee. 10/1 - 12/1 (annual)

Slipstream. Poetry. 12/1 (annual)

Rosebud. Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley Award for Imaginative Fiction. Fiction. 12/1

Waywiser Press. Poetry. 12/1 (annual)

W.Y. Boyd Literary Award for Excellence in Military Fiction. Fiction. Adult or YA Novel. 12/1 (annual)

Codhill Press. Poetry. 12/10 (annual postmark)

Friends of American Writers Chicago Awards. Fiction, Nonfiction, Children's/YA book. 12/10

Anderbo. Poetry. 12/15 (annual)

Sillerman First Book Prize for African Poets. Poetry. 9/15-12/1 (annual)

Anisfield-Wolf Book Awards. Fiction, Nonfiction. 9/1-12

Gival Press. Poetry. 12/15 (annual)

The Nassau Review. Poetry, Fiction, Nonfiction. Theme: The Art of Science. No Fee. 9/1 - 12/1

Toasted Cheese Fiction. No Fee. 12/21

Poetry Society of America. Poetry. 10/1 - 12/22 (annual postmark)

Bayou. Poetry, Fiction. 10/1 - 12/31 (annual postmark)

Boulevard. Fiction. 12/31 (annual postmark)

Dzanc Books. Short Story Collection. 12/31 (annual)

Freefall. Poetry. Fiction. 12/31 (annual)

Minotaur Books/Mystery Writers of America First Crime Novel Competition. Novel. 12/14 [*18 or older*]

Glimmer Train. Fiction. 12/1 - 12/31 (annual)

Livingston Press. Tartt First Fiction Award. Fiction. 12/31 (annual postmark)

Moment. Short Fiction. 12/31 (annual postmark)

Walker Percy Center/New Orleans Review. Short Fiction. 12/31

Omnidawn. Poetry. 11/1 - 12/31

Pavement Saw Press. Poetry. 12/31 (annual postmark)

Poetry Quarterly. Poetry. 12/15

River Styx. Micro-fiction. 12/31 (annual)

Ruth Hindman Foundation/UAH English Department. Short Fiction. 1/15

Suspense Magazine. Fiction. No Fee. 3/1 - 12/31 (annual)

The Tampa Review. Poetry. 12/31 (annual postmark)

Tupelo Press. Poetry. 9/1 - 12/31 (annual postmark)