The Complete Candidate™

The Complete Candidate™

The Complete Candidate™ is the only system to deliver:

  • Completed Common Application
  • Individualized Unique Value Proposition
  • Persuasive Academic Resume
  • Powerful Essays with 2nd Order Insights
  • Personalized Admissions Strategy
  • Ivy League Interview Techniques
  • Compelling Recommendations
  • Colleges Specific to Your Learning Style 

The Complete Candidate System™, includes:

  • Instructional DVD guides students on how to develop an effective college admissions strategy and how to leverage each piece of the college admissions process in order to execute that strategy.
  • Self-guided workbook gives step-by-step instructions, proven tips, examples and exercises to help students complete the Common Application.
  • Flash drive offers downloadable templates which students can use immediately to complete the college application.
  • Custom learning assessment provides insight into which college learning environment the student will be happiest in and most successful.
  • Online application management system assists with the selection of colleges, assessing a student’s likelihood of acceptance, find scholarships, organize application requirements and keep track of deadlines.

Is your application the best it can be?

Have a member of our team perform a one-on-one review and critique of a single completed college application (ie. single college, Common Application, Universal Application, Apply Texas, OR University of California Application).

Do you have a sibling who is also applying to college?

Purchase an additional user license for The Complete Candidate's Custom Learning Assessment and Online Application Management System, valid for one year from the date of purchase.

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Client Reviews:

"Stef was an invaluable asset to me during my college decision process…Stef critiqued and refined my resume and helped me develop my ‘elevator pitch’, a concept I had never even heard of before my sessions with Stef…

I felt I had an edge over the majority of other applicants because I knew exactly what to expect and was entirely prepared. Our work together paid off, and I received a full scholarship to Emory."

-- Rebecca, Emory University

"The Complete Candidate" is much more than how to fill out an application and write an essay. Stef helps the student create a comprehensive plan for their high school years.. This turns the table from "where can I get in" to "what colleges meet my needs!"

My son, who is not top 10% in his high school class, was accepted at all of the Colleges he applied including the School of Engineering at Cornell University, where he will be attending this fall. Stef's guidance, counseling and direction helped make his dream come true!"

-- Mike D, Cornell University

"This is the best system to ensure your child is completely prepared for the very competitive college application process. We have worked with Stef for 2 years and she is by far the most talented and experienced college advisor.

My son was able to get into every college he applied to and ended up at NYU in Shanghai which was his reach school."

-- Tiffanie G, NYU Shanghai

"Thrilled with the process and results! We had a general idea of what we were expected to do, however, upon looking back I realize how inadequately prepared we were…I can't imagine having done this without the aid of Stef Mauler's guide and wisdom.

Our son is on his way to his top choice school, and we are thrilled!...I promise, you will not regret investing in this program as it truly does make all the difference."

-- Kristin D, Southern Methodist University
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