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Since 1821, we’ve been helping our students find their own voices, discover their own truths and forge their own paths in the world. For almost two centuries Amherst prepared students to use ideas to make a major difference in the world. 

An Undergraduate Experience Like No Other

Amherst students have many opportunities to enrich their educations through co-curricular and extracurricular activities. A student might go to hear a guest speaker in anthropology, take a karate class, sing in an a cappella concert and then help paint a house with Pioneer Valley Habitat for Humanity—all in a single week.

At Amherst you are part of a lively, inquisitive, devoted community of students, faculty, staff and alumni who find inspiration in one another and in the process of learning.


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Amherst College educates men and women of exceptional potential from all backgrounds so that they may seek, value, and advance knowledge, engage the world around them, and lead principled lives of consequence.

Amherst brings together the most promising students, whatever their financial need, in order to promote diversity of experience and ideas within a purposefully small residential community. Working with faculty, staff, and administrators dedicated to intellectual freedom and the highest standards of instruction in the liberal arts, Amherst undergraduates assume substantial responsibility for undertaking inquiry and for shaping their education within and beyond the curriculum.

Amherst College is committed to learning through close colloquy and to expanding the realm of knowledge through scholarly research and artistic creation at the highest level. Its graduates link learning with leadership—in service to the College, to their communities, and to the world beyond.


A quick google search for “Amherst College traditions” uncovers a 1913 New York Times article about the College’s lively and numerous student traditions. Fast forward, however, and those self-same traditions have largely faded into obscurity.

Lip Sync: Watch your classmates perform for a chance to be at the top of their class for this year's room draw! This family friendly event is open to the entire campus community. If you are unable to attend the festivities.

Student Life:

97 percent of students live on campus, and housing is guaranteed for all four years. First-year students live in new or renovated residences on the Main Quad. Our Theme Houses offer learning-by-living opportunities.

From spike ball on the Quad to comedy improv to giant art installations, life on campus is packed with fun and enriching experiences.

Students lead more than 100 different autonomous organizations, including groups for activism and community service, religious and cultural affinity groups, intramural sports teams, arts clubs, newspapers and journals, a debate team, a radio station and more.

Athletics are a vibrant part of Amherst’s living and learning experience, from recreation to intramural/club sports to the 27 NCAA Division III teams. Our facilities include playing fields, an 8,000-square-foot fitness center, a pool, courts and an ice rink. 



In line with our stance against the use of Lord Jeffery Amherst as the College’s mascot, and given the overwhelming student support for removing Lord Jeffery Amherst as the College’s unofficial mascot, the AAS supports the Board of Trustees’ decision to, “when [Amherst’s] own resources are involved”, discontinue reference to Lord Jeff in Amherst’s “official communications, its messaging, and its symbolism.” Additionally, we strongly agree with the Board’s concern for both the strength of the Amherst College community and the inviolability of freedom of expression on and off campus.

Amherst College today:

Amherst students have access to 38 majors, an open curriculum with more than 850 courses, a talented and accessible faculty, the expansive Five College Consortium and myriad opportunities for research and internships around the world—all within the context of an undergraduate liberal arts college.


Amherst College has an enrollment of approximately 1,800 students from 49 states, plus Washington, D.C., Puerto Rico, and 54 countries.

Famous graduates:

Calvin Coolidge (born July 4, 1872) rose through the ranks of Massachusetts government as a Progressive Republican. Elected U.S. vice president in 1920, he became president following the death of Warren G. Harding in 1923. Coolidge, also known as "Silent Cal," chose not to seek a second term. He died in Northampton, Massachusetts, on January 5, 1933.

Charles H. Houston's (born September 3, 1895) service in the segregated army during World War I inspired him to study law. He became the Harvard Law Review's first African-American editor, the vice dean of Howard University's law school and headed the NAACP's legal fight against "separate but equal" schools, which led to the Supreme Court's decision in Brown v. Board of Education. Houston died on April 22, 1950.

Interesting facts about Amherst College:

Students participate in Lip Sync, an annual show in which students perform skits and dances set to popular songs, all to get the highest Room Draw Number in order to get the coolest dorm room.

Amherst has one farm on campus, the Book & Plow Farm, which produces high-quality organic vegetables while hiring student workers and interns.

Amherst has won a number of NCAA titles- 76 Division III individual titles and 11 team championships (and our Athletics program is the oldest in the country).