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Boston College

Boston College

Boston College, the first institution of higher education to operate in the city of Boston, is today among the nation’s foremost universities, a leader in the liberal arts, scientific inquiry, and student formation.

An Undergraduate Experience Like No Other

At Boston College, your education is measured in more than academic credits. It's a journey of personal, intellectual, and spiritual growth, of connections made and truths discovered. Education is a process of discovery and development. At Boston College, you engage in that process in the classroom and through programs across the campus that inspire creativity, nurture friendship, cultivate leadership, and promote social good.

At Boston College you will be challenged to think—critically, ethically, compassionately. You will put your knowledge, beliefs, and talents into action.

Boston College challenges you to discover who the world is calling you to be.. It has an innovative curriculum taught by a committed faculty dedicated to classroom exploration and invested in your success.

Your relationship with BC lasts a lifetime. They have one of the most powerful and connected alumni networks in the world. That unique camaraderie will mentor and support you throughout your career.


Strengthened by more than a century and a half of dedication to academic excellence, Boston College commits itself to the highest standards of teaching and research in undergraduate, graduate and professional programs and to the pursuit of a just society through its own accomplishments, the work of its faculty and staff, and the achievements of its graduates. It seeks both to advance its place among the nation's finest universities and to bring to the company of its distinguished peers and to contemporary society the richness of the Catholic intellectual ideal of a mutually illuminating relationship between religious faith and free intellectual inquiry.

Boston College draws inspiration for its academic societal mission from its distinctive religious tradition. As a Catholic and Jesuit university, it is rooted in a world view that encounters God in all creation and through all human activity, especially in the search for truth in every discipline, in the desire to learn, and in the call to live justly together. In this spirit, the University regards the contribution of different religious traditions and value systems as essential to the fullness of its intellectual life and to the continuous development of its distinctive intellectual heritage.

Boston College pursues this distinctive mission by serving society in three ways:

by fostering the rigorous intellectual development and the religious, ethical and personal formation of its undergraduate, graduate and professional students in order to prepare them for citizenship, service and leadership in a global society;

by producing nationally and internationally significant research that advances insight and understanding, thereby both enriching culture and addressing important societal needs; and

by committing itself to advance the dialogue between religious belief and other formative elements of culture through the intellectual inquiry, teaching and learning, and the community life that form the University.

Boston College fulfills this mission with a deep concern for all members of its community, with a recognition of the important contribution a diverse student body, faculty and staff can offer, with a firm commitment to academic freedom, and with a determination to exercise careful stewardship of its resources in pursuit of its academic goals.


The Catholic intellectual tradition is not static traditionalism, but is constantly evolving, drawing from the riches of the past to give life to the future and, in its search for truth, engaged with every discipline and with all forms of belief and nonbelief. This tradition also contains a vast repository of theological thought; philosophizing; devotional practices; works of literature, visual art, music, and drama; styles of architecture; legal reasoning; science; social and political theorizing; and other forms of cultural expression that have emerged in different parts of the world during the course of 2,000 years of Christian religious experience. Boston College faculty are teachers and scholars, caring for students as whole persons and helping them integrate what they learn with how they live. They draw from the Catholic intellectual tradition to challenge and engage the next generation of leaders and scholars. Our explicit Catholicity strives for wholeness and encourages all members of our community to see their research, study, student formation and administrative service in the context of the most profound questions that can be asked about human life and the world in which we live.

Student Life:

Upper or Newton. Double or quad. Cheverus or Xavier. Wherever you live on campus, you are sure to experience a strong sense of community at Boston College. With 29 residence halls and 13 dining locations, you have plenty of options. 85% of undergraduates live on campus.

Arts and culture. Politics and socioeconomics. Civics, service and social justice. Whatever your interests, our 298 clubs and organizations provide opportunities for you to connect to a wide variety of students, develop leadership skills, and make a difference, on campus and beyond.

Boston College is home to 31 intercollegiate Division I teams, a variety of club sports, 44 intramural sports programs, and courses in aquatics, spin, yoga and more. That means you have plenty of reasons to cheer and countless opportunities to stay active.

From the studio to the stage, our arts programs enrich the lives of our students, faculty, and greater community. At Boston College, the arts are an experience. They inspire reflection and spark creativity. Through visual, musical, and physical art activities on and off-campus, you’ll find many opportunities to think in new ways and connect to others in a dynamic environment.



Baldwin the Eagle

The twenty-first century has brought Boston College two costumed mascots named "Baldwin" and "Baldwin Jr." Baldwin is six and a half feet tall with many bird-like features, including wings with well designed feathers. "Baldwin, Jr." is a nine and a half foot tall mascot with inflatable features. Here Baldwin encourages the fans at Alumni Stadium.

Boston College today:

Boston College consists of eight schools- Robert J. Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences, Boston College Law School, James A. Woods, S.J. College of Advancing Studies, School of Social Work, Carroll School of Management, William F. Connell School of Nursing, Carolyn A. and Peter S. Lynch School of Education, and School of Theology and Ministry- and allows students to explore their options with 58 different majors. 


Boston College has approximately 14,100 total students- 9,100 undergraduate students, 4,400 graduate and professional students, and 600 students in the Woods College of Advancing Studies.

Famous graduates:

Amy Poehler (born September 16, 1971): Whether she’s delivering the perfect one-liner, reinventing herself as a new media entrepreneur or creating ways to inspire young girls to sharpen their smarts, Amy Poehler’s high-performance career “all goes back to improv," she says. The star of NBC’s “SNL” and “Parks and Recreation,” as well as the voice of Joy in Pixar’s “Inside Out,” she honed her impromptu chops during her time with the nation’s oldest collegiate improv comedy troupe, BC’s “My Mother’s Fleabag.” She returned to her roots for an encore performance with the group when she accepted a BC Arts Council alumni award for distinguished achievement.

Ernest Moniz (born December 22, 1944): Considered one of the world’s foremost experts in his field, Ernest Moniz received the foundation of his knowledge at Boston College, graduating at the top of his class with a physics degree. A first-generation college graduate, Moniz was a Scholar of the College who considered Alumni Stadium his favorite place on campus. He became President Obama’s Secretary of Energy in 2013 and was a key negotiator of the 2015 historic nuclear agreement with Iran. Prior to being named Secretary, Moniz had been on the MIT faculty since 1973 and served as undersecretary for the Energy Department during the Clinton Administration.

Interesting facts about Boston College:

Boston College is the most popular college on Instagram. BC’s Gasson Hall, is the third most Instragrammed college building in the country. 

During exam weeks, Boston College brings in petting zoos and puppies for students to play with. There is also free coffee in the dining halls and libraries during exams.

There is a smaller school on BC’s campus called the Campus School. It is a school for students age 3-21 with multiple, severe disabilities and complex healthcare needs. The Campus School Volunteers is a group of BC students who do service for the students of the Campus School, and they make up one of the largest volunteer organizations on campus.