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Northwestern University combines innovative teaching and pioneering research in a highly collaborative environment that transcends traditional academic boundaries. It provides students and faculty exceptional opportunities for intellectual, personal and professional growth in three richly unique settings: Chicago, Evanston and Doha, Qatar.

An Undergraduate Experience Like No Other

Student life at Northwestern amplifies your education and prepares you for anywhere that life might someday lead. 

Art exhibitions. Lectures. Concerts. Performances. Watch world-famous artists at the top of their careers and fellow students at the start of theirs.

With so many sights just a train ride away, where will you start? Regardless of the direction you choose, you’ll find almost endless opportunities to enhance your college experience academically, culturally and socially. And, of course, to have some fun.

With 14 residence halls and 13 residential colleges and communities ranging in size from 21 to 400 students, you’ll find the perfect place to fit in, both academically and socially. There are even special-interest options for students who prefer fraternity and sorority life or environmentally friendly, substance-free, gender-open or interfaith housing. Regardless of where you live, you’ll find everything the campus has to offer just outside of your door.

"Northwestern has definitely brought out the best in me; it has made me surprise myself ... I thought I would pursue my premed curriculum and perhaps join a student group. I did not realize that I would find a passion for learning language, I would be awarded independent summer research grants, that I would be a part of Greek life, that I would become so involved with shaping student experience here.” --Abhi Veerina


Northwestern is committed to excellent teaching, innovative research, and the personal and intellectual growth of its students in a diverse academic community.


March Through the Arch: In a new tradition, each incoming freshman class is led by the marching band through the Weber Arch in a "March Through the Arch" to kick off the school year. Current students, faculty, and friends line campus pathways to cheer on and welcome the newest members of the Northwestern community.

Painting The Rock: Students began painting the iconic Rock in the 1940s, first as a prank, then as an accepted avenue of expression. Now, almost every night, a different group paints a message or symbols promoting a particular cause or event.

Fight Song & Game Day: Originally written by Northwestern University marching band member Theodore Van Etten. The fight song premiered in the final football game of the 1912 season, and it is still a major part of every Northwestern sport event.

Wildcat Growl & Claw: The tradition where every Northwestern fan holds his/her arm up angled upwards with a hand in a Wildcat claw. This is followed by creating as much noise as possible in order to distract the opponent. The tradition occurs when Northwestern is on defense, and the growl is the loudest during every third down.

Wildcat Dash: Before the kick-off to the Big10 home opener, Northwestern’s first year students are given the chance to lead the team out onto the field as a class.

Dillo Day: The contemporary Armadillo day has its roots in May Day, or Mayfete. Mayfete was a time when students would celebrate the "renunciation of the May Queen of the temporal world for a spiritual one," according to a 1951 history of the event.  May Day expanded to May Week in 1946 to accommodate a women's sing, men's sing, and an honors ceremony. Ultimately this event evolved into a month long celebration known as Mayfest which includes the event known today as "Dillo Day.” Armadillo Day began in 1972 when Northwestern students from Texas held a small celebration in honor of the armadillo - a mammal common in their native Texas. More than 42 years later, "Dillo Day" is the culmination of Mayfest with an all-day Saturday event on the lakefront featuring national and locally known bands, games and vendors. Dillo Day is one of the university's most notable traditions.

University Motto: "Quaecumque Sunt Vera” This Latin phrase was adopted as the University's official motto in 1890. Translated as "Whatsoever things are true," it comes from the New Testament book of Philippians (4:8), in which St. Paul admonishes the Christians in the Greek city of Philippi: "Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things."

Student Life:

More than 450 student clubs. Nineteen varsity sports. Hundreds of events. No matter what your interest, you can bet there's a club or event here to match.

A charter member of the Big Ten Conference, Northwestern sports 19 highly competitive varsity athletic programs. And thanks to numerous intramural and club sports, as well as a number of athletics and fitness facilities across campus, you don’t have to play varsity sports to be a student athlete.

Enjoy the safety, convenience and carefree lifestyle our campus provides. Most students live in residence halls and residential communities, and they enjoy a variety of dining halls, restaurants, cafes and convenience stores. 



Willie the Wildcat
The team's first mascot was not Willie the Wildcat (as the current mascot is known), but a live, caged bear cub from the Lincoln Park Zoo name Furpaw. In fall 1923, Furpaw was driven to the playing field to greet fans before each game. However, after a losing season, the team decided Furpaw was the harbinger of bad luck and banished him from campus.The following year, a reporter from Chicago Tribune who was covering Northwestern's game against the University of Chicago Maroons described the football players like "Wildcats [that] had come down from Evanston." The current mascot, Willie the Wildcat, was "born" in 1930s and it is one of the most recognizable symbols of the school today.

Northwestern University today:

Northwestern is home to a dozen colleges and schools across three campuses: a 240-acre campus in Evanston, a 25-acre campus in Chicago and a third campus in Doha, Qatar. With a vast array of undergraduate, graduate and professional programs, Northwestern provides students at every level with hundreds of options to suit their personal academic goals.


Northwestern University has approximately 8,300 undergraduates and 12,600 graduate students, with a total enrollment of nearly 21,000 students. 

Famous graduates:

David Schwimmer (born November 2, 1966) grew up in Los Angeles and studied theater at Northwestern University. He appeared on TV shows such as The Wonder Years and NYPD Blue before landing the breakout role of Ross Geller on Friends in 1994. Following the hit sitcom's 10-year run, Schwimmer starred in theater productions and directed the feature films Run Fatboy Run (2007) and Trust (2010). In 2014, it was announced he would portray lawyer Robert Kardashian for the first season of American Crime Story, about the murder trial of O.J. Simpson.

Arthur J. Goldberg (born August 8, 1908) passed the bar at age 20 and worked as council for labor unions, eventually serving as secretary of labor (1961). In 1962, he was appointed to the Supreme Court, but left in 1965 to become ambassador to the United Nations. He resigned that post in 1968, in protest of the Vietnam War. Goldberg served as ambassador-at-large under President Jimmy Carter.

Interesting facts about Northwestern University:

Not only are Stephen Colbert and David Schwimmer both alumni, but they actually went to college together! More importantly, they were in an improv group called “The No-Fun Mud Piranhas” together.

Heard of SNL? So has Northwestern, especially because they have sent more people to the Saturday Night Live Cast than any other university. Seth Meyers, Brad Hall, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Anna Gasteyer, just to name a few.

Northwestern’s swim club turned into a musical. How? In the 1940s, the university’s Dolphin Club needed to raise money so they could travel to a swim competition, so they put on a musical production. Since then, it’s evolved into much more, and is now the nation’s largest student-run musical. It also has a famous alumni list, including David Schwimmer, Warren Beatty, and Tony Randall.