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Occidental College

Occidental College

Occidental College is a private, co-educational liberal arts college located in the Eagle Rock neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, United States.

An Undergraduate Experience Like No Other

A vibrant liberal arts college experience in the heart of Los Angeles. That’s something you won’t find anywhere else.

Oxy students are collegial and urbane, socially active and globally aware. Cosmopolitan. We have the smarts and the skills to get by in the classroom, in L.A., and around the world. We’re also quite close. Really. We live on campus for the first three years, so we get to know one another pretty well.

Your life at Oxy is the time to try anything and everything—test your skill at improv or editing a literary magazine. Write your own Vagina Monologue, film a segment for CatAList, or blow off some steam on the rugby field. A leader at heart? Join student government and help oversee campus happenings.


"The mission of Occidental College is to provide a gifted and diverse group of students with a total educational experience of the highest quality—one that prepares them for leadership in an increasingly complex, interdependent and pluralistic world.

The distinctive interdisciplinary and multicultural focus of the College's academic program seeks to foster both the fulfillment of individual aspirations and a deeply rooted commitment to the public good."

This mission is anchored by four cornerstones: excellence, equity, community and service. These building blocks, in one form or another, have long been the basis for the College's commitment to providing responsible leaders and citizens for our democratic society. Choosing them to support the future helps to ensure that the College remains true to its mission while adapting to a changing world.


Like many colleges, Oxy has a beloved alma mater, a traditional yell, and an ancient rival. Every year we throw an amazing birthday party. Other Oxy traditions are, well, a little less traditional, including a fearsome Tiger mascot named Oswald and an annual water balloon fight between seniors and the president.

Some traditions are so deeply rooted in campus life that few people think of them as traditions: things like senior comps or Dance Production or the Glee Club. Not everyone is an enthusiastic participant: some people don't like getting tossed into Gilman Fountain on their birthday, and the administration hates tunneling.

Put them all together, though, and it's unmistakably Oxy.

Student Life:

Campus living isn’t all communal bathrooms and extra-long twin beds. At Oxy, it’s a huge part of your college experience. The first three years spent living on campus seal the bonds of our tight-knit community. We’re not just peers, we’re neighbors and friends. Most seniors enjoy campus life enough to stick around for their fourth year as well.

Shake the dust off your running shoes and head out for a jog. Toss a disc around the Quad with some friends (or get serious about it on the club sports Ultimate Frisbee team). Practice your bump, set, and spike for the fiercely competitive doubles volleyball league (but be ready to put your wit to the test—intramurals are known for their wry team names). For a more structured workout, students choose from a variety of physical activity classes including cardio tennis, yoga, hip hop, Zumba, circuit training, boot camp, and Spin.

Oxy students don’t just take classes. They take charge and create new opportunities for innovation and learning. Whether you want to rush Theta or unlock the mysteries of beekeeping, if you’re an aspiring yogi or a shower singer just waiting for a stage, there’s something here for you.



Oswald the Tiger
Oxy athletic teams have been the Tigers since at least 1913; the name Oswald, origin uncertain, appears to have been first bestowed on the Tiger mascot in 1948. (Who better than a Tiger named Oswald to take on a Sagehen named Cecil?)

Occidental College today:

Occidental offers 32 majors across 40 departments and programs as well as countless opportunities for independent research and experiential learning.


Occidental has a total enrollment of approximately 2,100 undergraduate students.

Famous graduates:

Jack French Kemp (July 13, 1935 – May 2, 2009) was an American politician and a professional gridiron footballplayer. A Republican, he served as Housing Secretary in the administration of President George H. W. Bush from 1989 to 1993, having previously served nine terms as a congressman for Western New York's 31st congressional district from 1971 to 1989. He was the Republican Party's nominee for Vice President in the 1996 election, where he was the running mate of presidential nominee Bob Dole.

Luke Wilson (born September 21, 1971): Audiences got their first look at Luke Wilson when his brother Owen recruited him for the film Bottle Rocket (1996). Wilson went to appear in the successful horror movie Scream 2 and the romantic drama/comedy Home Fries, starring opposite Drew Barrymore. In a career full of comedic roles, Wilson is perhaps best known for Legally Blonde, Old School and Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy.

Interesting facts about Occidental College:

There are many other notable alumni from Oxy, including Oscar-winning director, writer and actor Ben Affleck; Congressman and NFL quarterback Jack Kemp, and Andrea Elliot, Pulitzer Prize winner and investigative journalist with the New York Times.

Oxy’s beautiful campus has been used as filming locations for more than 80 movies and TV shows, such as Clueless (1995), “NCIS” and “Arrested Development,” since the first filming took place in 1919.

At the time Occidental College was founded in 1888 the cost of tuition for 44 students was only $50.