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One of the world's premier academic and research institutions, the University of Chicago has driven new ways of thinking since our 1890 founding. Today, UChicago is an intellectual destination that draws inspired scholars to our Hyde Park and international campuses, keeping UChicago at the nexus of ideas that challenge and change the world.

An Undergraduate Experience Like No Other

The University of Chicago’s residential housing model integrates faculty, staff, upperclass resident assistants, and a cadre of 40 to 100 students who live, learn, and laugh together. Your House becomes a home as soon as you set foot on campus. Resident Heads open their doors to you, sharing their family lives (and pets!), hosting study breaks, Bad Movie Night, 10-minute finals-week dance parties, and hiking excursions to the Indiana Dunes.

Unlike high school where you’re in class seven hours a day, a truly rewarding college experience allows you to construct your own schedule. That means scholar-athletes, principal cellists, and quiz-bowl champions have plenty of time during the day to do what they love outside of the classroom. With over 400 clubs and a campus alive with yearly events and wild traditions, and you might wonder when students find time to study at all (somehow, they do).

From our campus (a certified botanic garden!), up the lakefront parks and beaches, and into downtown Millennium Park and beyond, students from across the globe adopt Chicago as their home.


The University of Chicago is a world-class institution of higher education. Its mission is to produce a caliber of teaching and research that regularly leads to advances in fields such as medicine, biology, physics, economics, critical theory and public policy.

Futhermore, each school or college has their own specific mission statement.


Reynolds Club Seal: Rumor has it that if you step on the gold seal on the floor of the Reynolds Club, you will not graduate in four years.

Maroon: Before the University held its first classes in 1892, the Board of Trustees had selected yellow as the school color. By 1894, however, Chicago’s legendary football coach Amos Alonzo Stagg believed that a change was needed. “The yellow ran, soiled easily, and had a regrettable symbolism which our opponents might not be above commenting upon,” Stagg wrote in his autobiography, "Touchdown!" Maroon became the official color of the University of Chicago at a mass meeting of students and faculty 1894.

Dollar Shake Days: Every Wednesday, students enjoy one dollar shakes at the Einstein Bagel in the Reynolds Club. Many use this as an opportunity to catch up with friends and relax.

Scavenger Hunt is a tradition, an event, and a legend at the University of Chicago. During Scav, which has been picked up by major news sources across the country, students form teams with hundreds of members to finish a list of over 300 items. Part of the list is a road trip that has taken students to Canada, Tennessee, and Kansas; part of the list comprises the Scav Olympics; and the rest of the list includes items that are just downright weird, like turning a city bus into a bowling alley or building a stationary-bicycle-powered microwave that can fully cook a HotPocket.

Blues and Ribs: The first major event of the year, bands and ribs restaurants take over Ida Noyes Hall, organized by the Council on University Programming.

Dance Marathon, the largest collegiate philanthropy in the world, started at the University of Chicago in 2001. Every spring, hundreds of students dance for 12 hours, raising thousands of dollars for charity.

Student Life:

There are more than 450 Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs), so there is endless opportunity potential for you to get involved on campus is almost endless.

At the University of Chicago, there are numerous opportunities to connect with fellow students where you live, dine, study, and relax. Residential commons and cafés, programs, and services are designed to make it easy for you to meet people and enjoy your time outside of the classroom. As a College student, you develop relationships and enjoy a rich assortment of programming through College Housing, which includes 38 Houses in 11 residential commons.

As a Maroon, you have access to an impressive array of sports and fitness facilities, programs and services through Physical Education & Athletics. Join intramural teams, club sports, classes, and fitness programs.



Phil the Pheonix

The phoenix, a mythical bird that is born anew from its own ashes, is the official mascot of the University of Chicago’s athletic teams. Confusingly, although our mascot is Phil the Pheonix, UChicago athletes and fans are actually referred to as "the Maroons." The phoenix also references the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 and the subsequent Second City. Chicago was rebuilt with new steel-frame construction after it burned to the ground, giving rise to the Chicago School of Architecture and the skyscraper.

The University of Chicago today:

Our education empowers individuals to challenge conventional thinking in pursuit of original ideas. Students in the undergraduate College broaden their perspectives on world issues in the rigorous Core curriculum. There are 49 majors and 40 minors in the undergraduate College. Graduate programs through our five divisions, six professional schools, and the Graham School of Continuing Liberal Arts and Professional Studies transform scholars into leaders and grant access to professors often lauded as some of the world's greatest thinkers.


The University of Chicago as more than 5,800 undergraduate students and 9,800 graduate, professional, and other students. It also has a full-time facutly that consists of over 2,200 members.

Famous graduates:

James D. Watson (born April 6, 1928) is credited with the discovery of the double-helix structure of DNA along with Francis Crick. Watson received a 1962 Nobel Prize and went on to do work in cancer research and mapping the human genome. He later came under fire for several controversial remarks on subjects ranging from obesity to race-based intelligence.

Patricia Roberts (born May 31, 1924) was the first African-American woman to hold a Cabinet position, serve as an ambassador and head a law school. Harris fought for fair housing and employment practices under the Carter Administration as the secretary of Housing and Urban Development. She died of breast cancer in 1985, at age 60.

Interesting facts about the University of Chicago:

Chicago is known for its challenging, inventive essay prompts. For example, one past essay prompt reads, “How are apples and oranges supposed to be compared? Possible answers involve, but are not limited to, statistics, chemistry, physics, linguistics, and philosophy.”

The University of Chicago’s official mascot might be a phoenix, but it may as well be a Nobel laureate. Despite being established relatively recently in 1890 and being a small school for most of its history, UChicago boasts 89 affiliated Nobel Prize winners, more than all but three institutions in the world. The economics and physics departments have been particularly prodigious producers of laureates, but at 89, there are plenty of prizes to go around.

According to data supplied by the College Board, the University of Chicago ranks second in average SAT scores, at 1515/1600 for the critical reading and math sections.