Wouldn’t You Be Thankful for Completed Applications?

Yes, Thanksgiving is about food, family and football. But, it’s also the last big chunk of time you are likely to have to complete your college applications before December deadlines hit. If you still have applications left to do (or, if you haven’t even started them yet), it’s time to get serious. Use this holiday week to finish up your college applications. To help you, I have made an easy to follow schedule to get you across the finish line and still gives you ample time to enjoy family, food and football.

Thanksgiving Crunch Time Line 2019.docx

Although it may be tempting to jump right into those essays so that you can cross this big item off of your to do list, take a step back.  It’s not enough to just get your applications done; you want them to be done WELL.  So, take a deep breath and follow my step-by-step plan to get your applications done WELL over your holiday week

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Mauler Pattern Thin