The Mauler Institute, LLC College Consulting 

The Mauler Institute

The Mauler Institute is an independent college admissions consulting firm committed to helping qualified students get accepted to Ivy League and other highly selective schools.   We will work with you to craft and execute a powerful application strategy so you will stand out from the thousands of high achievers who are applying to your top choice schools.  Our proprietary 3-step admissions strategy helps you to:

  1. Become a Better Candidate
  2. Select the Right Schools
  3. Market Yourself Effectively

Don't fall victim to "College Admissions Anxiety Syndrome" (CAAS). Contact us if you want to improve your chances of getting accepted to an Ivy League or other highly selective school while keeping your family's sanity.

  • Stef Mauler has an MBA from Harvard Business School, a BA from The University of Pennsylvania, a Degree in College Counseling from University of California, San Diego and has acted as an alumni interviewer for both Harvard and UPenn 

  • The Mauler Institute partners with students from eighth grade through senior year 

  • The Mauler Institute offers individual coaching, small groupworkshops and campus visit planning services

  • Don't need a lot of hand holding?  Check out The Complete Candidate college admissions system!

  • Contact us for a complimentary initial consultation