A Comprehensive System for Solving the College Admissions Puzzle

A Step-by-Step Guide to College Admissions

The college admissions process is a puzzle that can be overwhelming and confusing to navigate successfully. You need a roadmap to guide you through the steps toward college acceptance. The Complete Candidate™, a comprehensive, step-by-step, self-guided system was created for that purpose.

The Complete Candidate™ is a direct and easy-to-follow system that helps students and families navigate the college admissions process quickly and with minimal anxiety. The system helps you develop and execute a successful college admissions strategy and increase your chances of being admitted to your top choice schools.


What's Included in The Complete Candidate™

The Complete Candidate™ offers everything you need to create and execute a successful college admissions strategy including:

  • Instructional DVD: The DVD guides you through developing an effective strategy, leveraging each piece of the college admissions process to execute that strategy properly.
  • Self-guided workbook: The workbook includes step-by-step instructions, proven tips, examples and exercises to help you complete your application with minimal stress.
  • Flash drive: The flash drive offers downloadable tools and templates that you can use immediately to complete a successful college application.
  • Custom learning assessment: This assessment provides insight into which college learning environment you will be happiest in and most successful.
  • Online application management system: Maia Learning™ helps you select colleges, assess your likelihood of acceptance, find scholarships, organize application requirements and keep track of all your deadlines.
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What Will I Take Away From The Complete Candidate™?

The Complete Candidate™ helps students create their own Common Application™, as well as other critical application pieces including:

  • Individualized Unique Value Proposition
  • Persuasive academic resume
  • Powerful essays with 2nd order insights
  • Personalized admissions strategy
  • Ivy League interview techniques
  • Compelling recommendations
  • Colleges specific to your learning style

Is The Complete Candidate™ for Me?

Whether you want to apply to Ivy League universities, increase your chances of earning merit scholarships, or merely want to grow the list of colleges that are available to you, The Complete Candidate™ is for you. This system was created to be a more economical approach than one-on-one coaching, giving all students the opportunity to access in-depth application creation materials, tools and concepts.

After following The Complete Candidate™, you will have a fully completed application, ready to deliver to your top choice college or university.

Get The Complete Candidate™ Today

Whether you’re a student ready to enter high school or a Senior looking to succeed in the application process, we have a coaching package designed for you. To discover which individual coaching package is right for you, give us a call at 469-751-7122 or schedule an appointment with us today!

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