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Ivy League Badges

What is the Ivy League?

For many students, gaining admission to an “Ivy League” school is the pinnacle of academic accomplishment. With some of the lowest acceptance rates in the country (ranging from 5% – 13%), Ivy League schools maintain the ability to select and...
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Hurry Up And Wait

Hurry Up… And Wait

So, you’ve spent the last few months frantically working to meet your college deadlines. You’ve done draft after draft of “Why do you want to go to Dream U?”, politely nagged your teachers to send in recommendations, camped out in...
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Thanksgiving College Application Schedule

Wouldn’t You Be Thankful for Completed Applications?

Yes, Thanksgiving is about food, family and football. But, it’s also the last big chunk of time you are likely to have to complete your college applications before December deadlines hit. If you still have applications left to do (or,...
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How To Help Your Child Survive College Decisions

How to Help Your Child Survive College Decisions

Parents: You have spent the last 17-18 years nurturing, supporting and, at times, challenging your precious child to grow and mature into an adult.  There have been scraped knees, tummy aches and broken hearts.  In most cases, you knew what...
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The Why Paragraph

Why the Why Paragraph Is So Important

A “Why” paragraph states, specifically, why you believe a particular school is a great fit for you and why you are a great fit for it. It can include any number of attributes including academics, social activities, religious affiliation, teaching...
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