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College Transition Roller Coaster

The Complete Candidate’s Transition to College Playbook Part 1: The College Roller Coaster

Yes, going off to college is exciting.  It is full of new adventures and possibilities.  It is an opportunity to have exhilarating experiences and to meet new people.  But, it can also be a bit scary.  For many students, college...
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The Complete Candidate’s Transition to College Playbook

When people find out what I do for a living, it opens the flood gates for what little Jenny or Johnny can do to get into Dream U.  “What extra-curricular activities should they take?”  “What about community service?”  “Is it...
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5 Hidden Gems with Acceptance Rates Over 50%

With acceptance rates at highly selective colleges dropping down to single digits, some going as low as 2% (Carnegie Mellon Computer Science Department), it’s no wonder parents are reaching for ways to give their children an advantage (sometimes, even an...
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Not Happy With Your College Options?

The 2018-2018 college application cycle is proving to be the most unpredictable in my decade-long career as an independent education consultant.  Whether it’s UT Austin who denied or CAPPed a startling number of qualified applicants due to over-enrollment by 1300...
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Ivy League Badges

What is the Ivy League?

For many students, gaining admission to an “Ivy League” school is the pinnacle of academic accomplishment. With some of the lowest acceptance rates in the country (ranging from 5% – 13%), Ivy League schools maintain the ability to select and...
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