Guided Workshops for Students and Families by The Mauler Institute™

Comprehensive Admissions Training Sessions

The Mauler Institute™ is dedicated to providing students and families the opportunity to receive the level of college coaching that is right for them. We offer in-depth and interactive workshops, available at a fraction of the cost of individual coaching for students in 8th through 12th grades.

All attendees receive The Mauler Institute’s™ proven and unique admissions strategy, tangible action items and critical advice, all in preparation for admission to highly selective schools.

The Complete Candidate™ College Admissions Boot Camp

The Complete Candidate™ College Admissions Boot Camp is an intensive workshop for rising or current seniors who are ready to apply to college.  Students work directly with Stef Mauler to develop a personalized admissions strategy that will highlight the unique talents and attributes they bring to their future college community.  During our small group workshops which are conducted over 25-30 hours, students will benefit from a combination of small group exercises, peer discussion, individual attention and personalized essay feedback. Attendees will walk away with a completed and compelling Common Application™ or Apply Texas™ ready to submit to target colleges and universities.  Students will also leave this workshop with a copy of The Complete Candidate: A Comprehensive System for Solving the College Admissions Puzzle and a 1 year subscription to GuidedPath™ college application software ($299 value).  Students are expected to have a laptop and power cord during all workshop sessions.  Lunch will be provided.

College Application Bootcamp June 25-29, 9:30 am - 3:30 pm
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The Complete Candidate™ College Admissions Approach

Before you begin the college application process, it’s important to understand how the process works from start to finish. This workshop teaches students and their families how to navigate the application process, what admissions officers look for, how they decide who is accepted and how you can increase your chances of success. You will learn:

  • What the current college admissions landscape looks like
  • How Ivy League and highly selective schools make admission decisions
  • What these admissions officers look for in candidates
  • The critical mistakes most students make when completing their college applications
  • The “right” way to approach the application process

Families will leave with a copy of The Complete Candidate™ System (a $249 value). This workshop is appropriate for juniors and seniors who are about to begin the college application process.

The Complete Candidate™ College Admissions Approach

Setting Yourself Up for High School Success Workshop

Preparation is important for students entering their high school career. After all, everything you do in the next four years will impact your college admissions process. You should start on the right foot and this workshop is a great place to begin. Attendees will learn:

  • The definition of a highly selective school
  • What highly selective schools look for in successful candidates
  • The components of the application process
  • How to position yourself for success, including course selection, extra-curricular plan and standardized testing strategy

Setting Yourself Up for High School Success is a workshop is best-suited for eighth graders and new Freshman.

Setting Yourself Up for High School Success Workshop

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It’s never too early to prepare for the college admissions process. Our workshops make it easy for students and their families to gain valuable insights and walk away with the tools needed for success. To register for an upcoming workshop or to learn more about our services, call us at 469-751-7122 or reserve your spot here.

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