One-on-One Student Coaching by The Mauler Institute™

Your Partner for a Successful Application Strategy

The college application process takes time and effort. Often, the process can be stressful and difficult to manage on your own. However, with The Mauler Institute’s™ individual coaching services, you don’t have to. We offer in-depth coaching packages for students in 8th through 12th grades to help you prepare for and succeed in the college application process.

Our mission is to partner with you to discover what makes you unique from the rest of your target colleges’ applicants. As your coach, Stef Mauler helps you through each step in the application process from creating your list of right-fit schools to helping you perfect your essays. Each piece of your application will highlight what you have to offer, effectively communicating what makes you unique.

Coaching Packages Designed for You

Each of our coaching packages begins with an in-depth consultation to discuss your unique needs, anxieties, fears and educational goals. Your coaching package is then designed with you in mind. The initial consultation is conducted in person or via web and requires both the student and the guardian to attend.

During this time, Stef will outline expectations and the importance of commitment to form a successful partnership. Comprehensive packages are designed to align with each academic year including Middle School, Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior.

Each package differs in its offering, depending on grade level. However, each package includes superior academic review and planning, summer strategy, confidence-building activities and more. In addition to our annual packages, one-on-one consulting can be used to supplement our small group workshops and The Complete Candidate™ self-paced system.

When Should I Start My College Admissions Planning?

Most students spend 17-18 years preparing for college, whether they realize it or not. Classes, tests, research papers, sports, clubs, volunteer activities, concerts, theater productions, summer programs, interests, goals, passions, obstacles and, even, personality quirks make you the young adult you are and form the unique attributes you will contribute to your future college community. At The Mauler Institute™, we begin working with students in 8th grade, when, for many, the first high school class is taken, and partner with them throughout their high school careers in preparation for college.  

Get Started Today

Whether you’re a student ready to enter high school or a Senior looking to succeed in the application process, we have a coaching package designed for you. To discover which individual coaching package is right for you, give us a call at 469-751-7122 or schedule an appointment with us today!

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