25 Great Gift Ideas for Your College-Bound/College Age Student

Bigstock High Hopes For The Future 1350818College is a time of unprecedented growth.  Your student will evolve academically, intellectually and professionally — but, also, socially, spiritually, physically and personally.  Here are 25 graduation gifts that will encourage and support the continued development for your college-bound/college-age student:

  1. MLA Reference Guide: Help your students ace their papers with this quick reference chart that details all the rules on punctuation, citation and proper structure.
  2. Water Bottle: We all know that college students survive on coffee, Red Bull and, well, some other unhealthy liquids. Help yours stay hydrated by giving them a water bottle, like the AQUANEAÜ, which measures daily water intake and offers inspirational quotes.
  3. Face Mask: In this new world of COVID-19, the face mask is the latest accessory. Send your student to college with a mask that is equal parts function as it is decorative by having one made in school colors or some other fun design.
  4. Book Light: College students need all the sleep they can get. Help yours study at night without waking his or her roommate with a small but powerful book light.
  5. Crock Pot: Make your student a star in the kitchen with this easy-to-master cooking appliance. Imagine their delight when they come home from a long day to the aromas of a delicious and healthy meal that simmered all day without burning the house down.
  6. Cook Book: Help your student flex their culinary muscles by giving them a great cookbook. Whether it’s a bible of cooking basics like Joy of Cooking or something a little more exotic like a guide to mastering Thai or Indian cuisine, this gift will be well used long after they graduate from college.
  7. Flip Flops: Anyone who has been to a college residence knows that showers are a prime source of fungus and bacteria. Help your student keep clean and safe with a pair of fashionable flip flops.
  8. Personalized Note Cards: It’s time for your student to learn that, sometimes, a text just doesn’t cut it. Make traditional note writing more fun by giving your college student personalized notecards.  Then, wait for the thank you note!
  9. Words to Say: Now that they have the cards, what should they write? Give them the right words for every occasion from declining a job offer to offering support to a friend whose parent passed away with a book like Just a Note to Say…: The Perfect Words for Every Occasion.
  10. Gift Card Basket: Help your students make the most of their college town by offering a selection of gift certificates for restaurants, cafes, shops and entertainment venues in their area.
  11. Zagat’s: Make your student the cool kid on campus by giving them a guide to hot spots and hidden gems they can discover with their friends.
  12. A New Language: Language instruction, such as the self-paced Rosetta Stone, will help your student satisfy college language requirements, prepare for a semester abroad and become more globally competitive when they enter the job market.
  13. Public Transportation Card: Provide your students with a 3- or 6-month public transportation pass to help them get around town.
  14. Massage Membership: Keep your student balanced – mind, body and soul – by offering a monthly membership to a wellness spa such as Massage Envy or Hand and Stone.
  15. Biography: Inspire your college student by gifting a biography of someone who has achieved success in their chosen field. Try Katherine Graham’s Personal History for aspiring journalists, Steve Jobs for techie enthusiasts or Last Man Standing for financial whiz kids.
  16. Nostalgia: Recreate your student’s childhood holidays by sending them candy, a favorite toy or hobby from years ago.
  17. Ring Light: Help your student shine. In the “Zoom” world of online classes and meetings, having the right lighting changes “drab” to “dazzling!”
  18. Tickets to Cultural Event: Sure, your student probably goes to a lot of concerts, but how often do they get to the theater or symphony? Expand their world by offering tickets to a cultural event they may not otherwise explore.
  19. Fancy Restaurant: College students are not strangers to eating out. However, another dinner at Chili’s, Pizza Hut or Chipotle won’t rock anyone’s world.  Instead, a gift certificate to a 5-star restaurant will be an experience your student and a special friend will remember. It doesn’t have to break the bank, either; many white glove restaurants offer reasonably priced lunch menus.  And, in my humble opinion, a fancy lunch is way more indulgent than a high-end dinner.
  20. New Talent or Hobby: A new hobby or talent, such as guitar lessons, glass blowing classes or SCUBA certification, is a gift that will continue to give for years to come.
  21. Laundry/Maid Service: Keep your student clean and stress-free by offering to pay a for a month of laundry or maid service. Who knows? They may decide they like to live in sanitary conditions and may even keep it up on their own long after the service ends.
  22. Airline Miles or EuroRail Pass: There is no greater gift than the gift of travel. Encourage your student to explore new countries and cultures by providing access to a flight or train pass for them to use when travel restrictions ease.  And, then, watch them go!
  23. Cashmere Sweater: EVERYONE loves cashmere. It’s like a hug from mom.
  24. First Aid Kit: Help your student prepare for any emergency by outfitting them with go to essentials like Bandages, Neosporin, Aspirin and Antihistamine.
  25. A Personal Letter: There are few things more powerful or more cherished than writing a thoughtful letter to express how proud you are of your student’s accomplishments, character and impact they have had on you and everyone around them.
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