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25 Great Gift Ideas for Your College-Bound/College Age Student

College is a time of unprecedented growth.  Your student will evolve academically, intellectually and professionally — but, also, socially, spiritually, physically and personally.  Here are 25 graduation gifts that will encourage and support the continued development for your college-bound/college-age student:...
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Times Are A Changing

The Times, They Are a Changing

  In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, it seems we wake up every morning, holding our breath, to see what changes are occurring around us. That is nowhere truer than in the state of college admissions. This morning, I...
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Classmate Classroom Sharing International Friend Concept

The Complete Candidate’s Transition to College Playbook Part 5: Nailing Your First Semester

Your first semester at college can be a bit overwhelming.  You are trying to figure out where your classes are located, how to get your prescription filled and that concept your swore you understood in AP Calc now looks like...
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Beach Blur Close Up 348523

The Complete Candidate’s Transition to College Playbook Part 4: Go Beyond the Beach This Summer

Sure, your last summer of high school is a time to have one last hurrah with your high school friends over late night bonfires and “almost adult” parties.  While you are all excited about the future that awaits each of...
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College Map 4

The Complete Candidate’s Transition to College Playbook Part 3: Setting Yourself Up for College Success

There are many factors that determine whether a student will successfully transition to college or not.  The first thing to consider is what is important in selecting the “right fit” school?  It’s easy to get swayed by elite brand names,...
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College Framework Graphic

The Complete Candidate’s Transition to College Playbook Part 2: College Success Framework

College is undoubtedly an academic experience (for most students).  While necessary, academic achievement, alone, is not sufficient to achieve college success. College is about helping a student develop as an entire person, not just the brain part of the person. ...
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Girl Asking For Silence On A White Background

5 Hidden Gems with Acceptance Rates Over 50%

With acceptance rates at highly selective colleges dropping down to single digits, some going as low as 2% (Carnegie Mellon Computer Science Department), it’s no wonder parents are reaching for ways to give their children an advantage (sometimes, even an...
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Information Generation

From Stef’s Desk: Information Generation

Oftentimes, my clients have the BEST ideas! This tech-savvy generation has so much information at their fingertips, and they are constantly teaching me new tricks.  One of my motivated college-bound clients set up several “google news alerts” for her specific...
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Why Fareed Is Right

From Stef’s Desk: Why Fareed is Right

Have you followed CNN host and author Fareed Zakaria’s current publicity tour for his new book, In Defense of a Liberal Education? With all of the focus on STEM degrees and career preparedness, I was excited to hear a political pundit...
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Girl Asking For Silence On A White Background

From Stef’s Desk: Confidentially Speaking

Can you keep a secret?  Well, most people can’t.  Even if they promise they will.  Your college target list and application details are your personal information, and I don’t believe they should be shared with your friends or classmates. I...
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