College Spotlight:Trinity College, Dublin Ireland

Trinity University Dublin


Founded in 1592 by Queen Elizabeth as an Irish counterpart to Oxford and Cambridge, Trinity College is the largest and most distinguished of the seven universities in Ireland. Located in the heart of Dublin, Trinity is in easy walking distance to shops, cafes, and museums (the famous Book of Kells is actually located on campus, in Trinity College Library) and to hot spots for students to relax and socialize, such as Grafton Street and Temple Bar.

Unlike other universities in Ireland which follow the three-year UK model, Trinity offers a four-year undergraduate program parallel to the four “ancient” universities in Scotland. Academics are organized around three schools in each of the traditional areas: arts, humanities, and social sciences; engineering, math, and science; and health sciences. While there are no core classes, students are required to complete a research project in order to graduate. Each student is assigned a peer mentor and a faculty tutor who not one of his or her professors, who will be available for personal, academic, and professional advice over four years.

Notable alumni include Jonathan Swift, Oscar Wilde, Edmund Burke, Samuel Beckett, and ErnestWalton.

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