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Confused about what to do if you don’t like your college options?

The 2019-2020 college application cycle is proving to be the most unpredictable in my decade-long career as an independent education consultant.  Whether it’s UT Austin who denied or CAPPed a startling number of qualified applicants due to over-enrollment by 1300 students for the class of 2022 or the cheating scandal that continues to rock the nation, there are many stunned and disappointed students who did not gain admission to their top choice (or even mid choice) schools.  Maybe you were overly aggressive in your initial school list or maybe you needed a little more time to show a consistent trend with your grades or improve your standardized test results. Perhaps you need to take a a second look at your application to make sure it effectively showcases all of the wonderful things that distinguish you from every other talented candidate who is applying to your top choice schools?  (Contact me at to schedule a comprehensive application review and critique or to discuss additional options.)

Fear not!

There are many fantastic colleges that are still accepting applications, such as Johns Hopkins Peabody Conservatory of Music (4/1), University of Houston (4/1), Austin College (5/1), Clemson (5/1), Auburn (6/1), Duquesne (7/1), and Belmont (8/1), to name a few.  Here is an alphabetical list of 100 fantastic schools that are still accepting applications:

  1. American University in Dubai:10-Aug
  2. Angelo State University: 23-Aug
  3. Art Academy of Cincinnati: 30-Jun
  4. Auburn University: 1-Jun
  5. Austin College: 1-May
  6. Ball State University:15-Aug
  7. Bard College at Simon’s Rock: 1-May
  8. Belmont Abbey College: 1-Aug
  9. Belmont University: 1-Aug
  10. Berea College: 30-Apr
  11. Berry College: 25-Jul
  12. Bob Jones University: 1-Aug
  13. Bowling Green State University: 15-Jul
  14. California Institute of Integral Studies:22-Jul
  15. California State Polytechnic University: Pomona: 1-May
  16. Chatham University: 1-Aug
  17. Clemson University: 1-May
  18. Coastal Carolina University: 1-Aug
  19. College for Creative Studies: 1-Jul
  20. College of Charleston: 1-Apr
  21. College of Idaho: 15-Jul
  22. Colorado State University: Pueblo: 1-Aug
  23. Columbia College: 15-Aug
  24. Columbia International University: 1-Aug
  25. Columbia University: School of General Studies: 1-Jun
  26. Duquesne University: 1-Jul
  27. East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania: 1-Apr
  28. Emmanuel College (Georgia): 1-Aug
  29. Eureka College: 1-Aug
  30. Florida Atlantic University: 1-May
  31. Georgia Southern University: 1-May
  32. Gustavus Adolphus College: 1-Apr
  33. Hendrix College: 1-Jun
  34. High Point University: 1-Jul
  35. Indiana State University: 15-Aug
  36. Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis: 1-May
  37. Iowa State University: 1-Jul
  38. Johns Hopkins University: Peabody Conservatory of Music: 1-Apr
  39. Kent State University: 1-Aug
  40. Marietta College: 1-May
  41. Massachusetts Maritime Academy: 1-May
  42. Mercer University: 1-Jul
  43. Millsaps College: 1-Jul
  44. Missouri State University: 20-Jul
  45. New College of Florida: 15-Apr
  46. Oregon State University: 1-Jun
  47. Piedmont College: 1-Jul
  48. Point Loma Nazarene University: 1-Apr
  49. Sam Houston State University: 1-Aug
  50. Samford University: 1-Jul
  51. School of the Art Institute of Chicago: 1-May
  52. Seton Hill University: 15-Aug
  53. Simon Fraser University: 30-Apr
  54. Edward’s University: 1-May
  55. SUNY College at Purchase: 15-Jul
  56. Tarleton State University: 21-Jul
  57. Tennessee State University: 1-Aug
  58. Texas A&M International University: 1-Aug
  59. Texas A&M University–Corpus Christi, Galveston: 1-Jul
  60. Texas State University: 1-May
  61. Texas Tech University: 1-Aug
  62. Texas Woman’s University: 15-Jul
  63. University of Akron: 1-Jul
  64. University of Alaska Anchorage: 15-Jun
  65. University of Alberta: 1-May
  66. University of Arizona: 1-May
  67. University of Arkansas: 1-Aug
  68. University of Central Florida: 1-May
  69. University of Colorado Denver: 19-Aug
  70. University of Houston: 1-Apr
  71. University of Iowa: 1-Apr
  72. University of Kansas: 1-Apr
  73. University of Massachusetts Boston: 1-Apr
  74. University of Memphis: 1-Jul
  75. University of Michigan: Flint: 20-Aug
  76. University of Minnesota: Duluth: 1-Aug
  77. University of Missouri: St. Louis: 24-Aug
  78. University of Nebraska–Lincoln: 1-May
  79. University of Nevada: Las Vegas: 1-Jul
  80. University of New Hampshire at Manchester: 1-Apr
  81. University of New Mexico: 1-May
  82. University of North Carolina at Charlotte: 1-Jul
  83. University of North Texas: 1-Aug
  84. University of Northern Colorado: 1-Aug
  85. University of Northwestern–St. Paul: 1-Aug
  86. University of Oklahoma: 1-Apr
  87. University of South Carolina: Aiken: 1-Aug
  88. University of South Florida: Saint Petersburg: 15-Apr
  89. University of Southern Indiana: 15-Aug
  90. University of Texas at Dallas: 1-Jul
  91. University of Texas at El Paso: 31-Jul
  92. University of Texas at San Antonio: 1-Jun
  93. University of the Sacred Heart: 30-Jun
  94. University of Utah: 1-Apr
  95. University of Washington Tacoma: 1-Jun
  96. University of Wyoming: 10-Aug
  97. Virginia State University: 1-May
  98. Wayne State University: 26-Aug
  99. Wesleyan College: 1-Jun
  100. Xavier University of Louisiana: 1-Jul

For a full list, go to Prep Scholar’s list of colleges with late application deadlines.

So, if you are confused, frustrated and don’t know what to do.  Don’t worry.  There are many wonderful schools just waiting for you to apply.

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