Are you experiencing laziness, apathy, or a generally dismissive attitude?  Are you missing school or not bothering to hand in assignments?  Do Mondays seem extra awful? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it is very likely you have a case of Senioritis.

What is the cure you might ask? Answer: Graduation.

It’s understandable that you are more excited about starting the next phase of your life than you are in finishing up the current one.  Bad news:  there are still approximately six more months until graduation and, in order to start that next exciting phase called college, you need to graduate from high school.

Don’t let Senioritis get you down.  Instead, focus on ways to maximize the last semester of your high school career!

  1. Attend your classes. This should be an obvious tip. Not only does skipping classes create a bad impression on your teachers, but failing grades look terrible on a transcript. Colleges will notice if your last semester is lackluster. If your grades drop drastically, they may rescind your offers of admission.
  2. Make a Daily To-Do List. Setting daily and weekly goals is something that will not only keep you focused and motivated; it will help you perform well during college.
  3. Focus on the Now! DO NOT obsess over college admissions. Continue to make choices that improve your mental and physical health and stay involved in activities that you love.
  4. Talk About It. Most seniors exhibit a combination of emotions during this time. If you are feeling sad about leaving your hometown, confused about what you are planning to study, or unsure if you are prepared for college, talk about it. Spend time discussing your thoughts with friends, family, or even your academic counselor.
  5. Make Great Memories. You will only be a high school senior once (hopefully).  So, make lasting memories.  Attend homecoming, go to the prom, scream loudly at pep rallies.  The more you do now, the more fun you will have at your high school reunions.

Seniors, you are almost done, so don’t give up just yet. Don’t succumb to Senioritis!


Mauler Pattern Thin
Mauler Pattern Thin