The post-COVID world is full of “do I or don’t I” questions:

  • Do I or don’t I wear a mask?
  • Do I or don’t I get a vaccine?
  • Do I or don’t I visit my aging grandmother in the senior living center?
  • Do I or don’t I party in South Beach for Spring Break?
  • Do I or don’t I take standardized tests?

Well, we are not here to debate politics or COVID policies; we leave you to do that at your Thanksgiving dinner. And, we have already answered the last question, Do I or don’t I take standardized tests? (spoiler: the answer is yes). But, now the question is, “now that you have taken standardized tests, should you submit the scores?”

The answer is not so simple and may vary depending on the schools to which you are applying. So, to simplify your choice on a school-by-school basis, follow the pictogram below:

To Submit Or Not To Submit 8x11 (8.5 × 11 In)

Infomatic modified from Chamberlain College Consulting

Stef Mauler

President, The Mauler Institute

Mauler Pattern Thin
Mauler Pattern Thin