The Complete Candidate’s Transition to College Playbook Part 2: College Success Framework

College is undoubtedly an academic experience (for most students).  While necessary, academic achievement, alone, is not sufficient to achieve college success. College is about helping a student develop as an entire person, not just the brain part of the person.  A great college experience will teach a student how to become independent, how to thrive in uncertainty, how to take care of his or her personal needs and how to be a contributing member of an active community.  To successfully transition to college, students also need to realize success in the social and personal spheres of their lives, as well.  Here’s how I like to think of it:

College Framework Graphic

Do this quick health check to determine whether or not you are on track to achieve college success:

Academic Health:

  • I feel well prepared to manage my classes even if, at times, I’m stressed
  • I have met with my academic adviser
  • I know where to go to get help if I need it

Social Health:

  • I have a group of friends who I like and feel support me
  • I can identify groups or clubs on campus where there are people who share my interests and values
  • Even if I feel down or overwhelmed, I know other students are in the same boat as I am

Personal Health:

  • I feel ready to take this next step toward adulthood
  • I am confident that I can figure things out that I don’t know how to do or can ask someone other than my parents for help
  • I am staying healthy – physically, mentally, emotionally

Remember that, while your grades are obviously important, there is much more to a happy and fulfilling college experience.

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