The Complete Candidate’s Transition to College Playbook Part 4: Go Beyond the Beach This Summer

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Sure, your last summer of high school is a time to have one last hurrah with your high school friends over late night bonfires and “almost adult” parties.  While you are all excited about the future that awaits each of you, there is some grief in knowing that your childhood is over and you will probably never again share the same experiences with the same people in the same way ever again. So, take time to be with your friends and family, reminisce over old memories and make some new ones but also make good use of the months of free time you have to get prepared for college.

Academic Preparation:

  • Shore up on core classes (calculus, writing)
  • Prepare for language requirements by watching films in another language, taking a summer intensive class in a foreign country or investing in an online language program such as Babbel or Rosetta Stone
  • Reject the AP credit in your core subject areas, even if your college offers to grant you a pass
  • Develop a study plan so that you will hit the ground running in the fall

Social Preparation:

  • Attend admitted student days to meet your future classmates, become familiar with the campus layout and resources that are available to you
  • Contact your roommate to get to know each other and plan who will bring what amenities to your dorm room
  • Join social media groups to make connections before you ever step foot on campus
  • Identify clubs and activities where you are likely to meet people who share your interests and make sure to try something you have never tried before

Personal Preparation:

  • Get health check-ups and prescriptions organized
  • Create fitness & nutrition plan
  • Develop critical life skills (laundry, banking, self-advocacy)
  • Complete necessary legal forms (FOI, health, etc.)

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