August 10, 2016
Recommendations Are Highly Recommended Part 1

Recommendations are Highly Recommended: Part 1

Count how many times I use some form of the word “recommend” in this blog entry! Two teacher recommendations are requested by most colleges, in addition to one from your high school counselor. The purpose of these recommendations is to...
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Congratulations On Getting Accepted To Your Early Decision College Now What

Congratulations on Getting Accepted to Your Early Decision College: Now What?

Congratulations on getting accepted to your top choice school!  What a smart college to recognize what a great addition you would make to their campus! If you are like increasing numbers of college applicants, you decided to apply to your top...
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Stefs Top 5 Resume Tips

Stef’s Top 5 Resume Tips

To all College-Bound Juniors and Seniors Once you have thought about your elevator pitch, building a resume is your next step. Although your college of choice may not require a formal resume, I encourage you to start working on one....
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Top 5 Tips For Juniors Seniors

Top 5 Tips for Juniors and Seniors

Realizing that you may be feeling inundated with opinions, instructions, demands, assessments, and requirements right about now, I synthesized this Top 5 tips list for you: Start early!  Begin thinking about and working on applications during spring of your junior...
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Top 5 Tips For Aspiring College Athletes

Top 5 Tips for Aspiring College Athletes

For some students, playing college sports is a lifetime dream. Identifying appropriate colleges is the most important factor in the recruiting process.  I know of many hopeful athletes who have spent more money chasing scholarship offers than the actual value...
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Information Generation

From Stef’s Desk: Information Generation

Oftentimes, my clients have the BEST ideas! This tech-savvy generation has so much information at their fingertips, and they are constantly teaching me new tricks.  One of my motivated college-bound clients set up several “google news alerts” for her specific...
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Thanksgiving Crunch Time Your Application Timeline

Thanksgiving Crunch Time: Your Application Timeline

To all College-Bound Seniors: With college deadlines just around the corner, it is time to kick it into high gear! Don’t tire out on turkey. Use the Thanksgiving holiday to finish up your college applications.  Even if you haven’t started...
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Why Fareed Is Right

From Stef’s Desk: Why Fareed is Right

Have you followed CNN host and author Fareed Zakaria’s current publicity tour for his new book, In Defense of a Liberal Education? With all of the focus on STEM degrees and career preparedness, I was excited to hear a political pundit...
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Girl Asking For Silence On A White Background

From Stef’s Desk: Confidentially Speaking

Can you keep a secret?  Well, most people can’t.  Even if they promise they will.  Your college target list and application details are your personal information, and I don’t believe they should be shared with your friends or classmates. I...
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Top 5 Tips For Parents With College Bound Students

Top 5 Tips for Parents with College Bound Students

To Parents of Juniors/Seniors  As I turn the calendar page to October, I recall that fall is for…pumpkins, sweaters, football, and phone calls from FRANTIC parents of college bound juniors and seniors. Even those parents who are historically disciplined about...
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