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Senior Year Timeline

Senior Year Timeline

Congratulations! You are a senior!  High school will soon be a distant memory as you embark on the next phase toward college. The problem is, there is still a lot of work to be done. Here is your timeline for...
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Questions To Ask When Hiring An Iec

15 Questions to Ask When Hiring An IEC

The problem with any industry that grows quickly is that licensing standards and regulations rarely keep up with industry growth.  While most independent educational consultants are professionals are committed to ensure they have the expertise to help students and families...
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When To Run From A Potential Independent Educational Consultant

When To Run From a Potential Independent Educational Consultant

As with all professions, there are highly qualified, ethical independent educational consultants (IECs) who are well equipped to help you define and achieve your post-secondary educational goals.Sadly, there also exist a handful individuals who claim to be an IEC but...
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Female Manager With Client

What is an Independent Educational Consultant?

Selecting and getting accepted to the right college is one of the most important decisions your family can make. You want to find an institution of higher learning where your student will be both supported and challenged to grow not...
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Teenage Student With Mortarboard Above Head Reading Book Against Black Background

Do I Need To Hire An Independent Educational Consultant?

With heightened competition for college admissions – both domestically and abroad – it’s no wonder the industry of independent educational consultants (IECs) is one of the fastest growing industries (that most people never talk about). According to the Independent Educational...
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Top 5 Tips For Parents With College Bound Students

Top 5 Tips for Parents with College Bound Students

To Parents of Juniors/Seniors  As I turn the calendar page to October, I recall that fall is for…pumpkins, sweaters, football, and phone calls from FRANTIC parents of college bound juniors and seniors. Even those parents who are historically disciplined about...
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How To Support My Senior Through The College Application Process

Parent’s Corner: Helping You Help THEM

I had an interesting conversation with a mother of a high school rising junior last week.  She was obviously in the midst of an internal struggle and was attempting to set boundaries for herself in regard to the college admissions...
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A Note To Parents Of High School Seniors

A Note to Parents of High School Seniors

Parents, the second semester of your child’s senior year is almost here. Can you believe it? The college admissions process is something I have found to be equally tough on students as it is on parents. These upcoming months are...
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