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25 Great Gift Ideas for Your College-Bound/College Age Student

College is a time of unprecedented growth.  Your student will evolve academically, intellectually and professionally — but, also, socially, spiritually, physically and personally.  Here are 25 graduation gifts that will encourage and support the continued development for your college-bound/college-age student:...
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5 Things To Do After Being Admitted to College

The time is here.  Your hard work across the past 4 years has paid off and you are about to embark on the next part of your life’s journey. Once you have made a decision on where you plan to...
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Choosing a College Amid COVID-19

In an attempt to stem the spread of COVID-19 (a.k.a. Coronavirus), colleges across the nation are closing campuses, moving students to virtual learning, and evacuating dormitories. While these closures certainly impact current college students, they also have tremendous implications for...
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The Complete Candidate’s Transition to College Playbook Part 8: The Legal Stuff

While you may be fully aware that the student you are sending off to college (a.k.a. your baby for the past 18-19 years) may not know how to do laundry, clean a toilet or make anything more complex than a...
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Helicopter Parent By Charlie Powerll

The Complete Candidate’s Transition to College Playbook Part 6: The Parent’s Role

I was recently touring a prominent university in the Mid-West when I noticed a young man leave his dorm with a huge basket full of dirty laundry.  A car pulled up and an elegantly dressed lady exited the driver-side door,...
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Classmate Classroom Sharing International Friend Concept

The Complete Candidate’s Transition to College Playbook Part 5: Nailing Your First Semester

Your first semester at college can be a bit overwhelming.  You are trying to figure out where your classes are located, how to get your prescription filled and that concept your swore you understood in AP Calc now looks like...
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The Complete Candidate’s Transition to College Playbook Part 4: Go Beyond the Beach This Summer

Sure, your last summer of high school is a time to have one last hurrah with your high school friends over late night bonfires and “almost adult” parties.  While you are all excited about the future that awaits each of...
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The Complete Candidate’s Transition to College Playbook Part 3: Setting Yourself Up for College Success

There are many factors that determine whether a student will successfully transition to college or not.  The first thing to consider is what is important in selecting the “right fit” school?  It’s easy to get swayed by elite brand names,...
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College Transition Roller Coaster

The Complete Candidate’s Transition to College Playbook Part 1: The College Roller Coaster

Yes, going off to college is exciting.  It is full of new adventures and possibilities.  It is an opportunity to have exhilarating experiences and to meet new people.  But, it can also be a bit scary.  For many students, college...
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